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football Defensive Line Read, React and Pursue Drills Defensive Line Read, React and Pursue Drills

Your defensive linemen have to do more than lock up with the opposing offensive lineman and hope the ball carrier comes his way. Today, your defensive linemen must be able to get to the ball wherever it is (or may be) and he must do it quickly, with purpose and without getting suckered into a good fake by the ball carrier.

Defensive line coaches must concentrate on the lineman's first steps, tackling technique, his ability to shed blocks and his desire to create havoc in the offensive backfield, but you can not forget that defensive linemen must read the ball, react to the situation and pursue the ball carrier anywhere on the field in order to get the tackle. Because EVERYBODY loves a big gang tackle!

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football defensive line

football Football Defensive Skills: Speed Rush Drills Football Defensive Skills: Speed Rush Drills

Football Coach Chris McDougal leads his athletes through a series of Speed Rush Drills in this football video series. Clearing the offensive player's hands is the goal. Coach shows his football players the rushing options in various situations on the field.

football defensive line

football Ball Get Off Drills, Swim Technique and pass rush Ball Get Off Drills, Swim Technique and pass rush

Getting off the ball properly must start with your defensive linemen in a great stance. As a football coach, you can never assume everyone knows a good stance, so take a few minutes early on to insure your defensive lineman have great stances. Remember...if your defensive lineman isn't starting correctly, he can't wreak havoc on the offense!

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football defensive line

football Dip & Lean to Limp Arm Dip & Lean to Limp Arm

This drill starts by reviewing the dip and lean technique and builds on the hoop drill shown here and here. In an ideal world your defensive linemen would do the dip and lean technique, speed right past the blocker and bury the ball carrier before he had a chance to get to the line of scrimmage.

Football is NOT a game of ideal though and the offensive lineman is doing his best to stop the defensive lineman and neturalize the dip and lean. With a little practice and attention to detail, this drill will help your defensive linemen handle any block that comes his way.

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football defensive line

football Defensive Line Drills - Hand Placement for Shock and Awe Defensive Line Drills - Hand Placement for Shock and Awe

Hand placement seems like it's to tame of a term, because this defensive line drill is about more than just "placing" hands somewhere. To a defensive lineman, hand placement is a form of "Shock and Awe", a way of telling the offensive lineman who's boss. In fact, hand use for a defensive lineman is something that scouts look at when they are evaluating recruits because strong hands, properly used control the line of scrimmage. This defensive line drill is all about teaching the defensive lineman how to get his hands to the correct place while using his hips to transmit power into the offensive lineman.

Watch this defensive line drill as football Coach Paul Averitt explains the proper hand placement for the defensive lineman. These drills teach players to maximize the defensive attack by using proper hand placement while hitting the target and rolling the hips to increase the power of the contact.

football defensive line

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