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football Youth Sports: What to Expect in Middle School Football Youth Sports: What to Expect in Middle School Football

Coaching youth football is a tough job. It takes dedication and patience. But, being the parent of a young athlete can be just as great a challenge! If you have a child preparing to enter the world of Middle School Football, this video series is a must. Learn the basics: from football registration to getting your athlete home after the game. Coach Riddle offers practical advice for parents and players to ensure a positive beginning experience. You can find more running back drills here.

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football football 101

football Youth Football Equipment  Youth Football Equipment

The football uniform! For youth at the Middle School level, the uniform is almost as exciting as the football game itself. In this video, Coach Riddle details the basics of youth football equipment. From the football helmet to shoulder pads to cleats, this clip covers the football uniform from head to toe.

Football Cleats, Shoulder Pads, Youth Football Equipment

football football 101

football Youth Football: The Basics of the Game Youth Football: The Basics of the Game

You knew the day would come. Your son has talked about football since the first day he could raise his arms into the air and yell "Touchdown!" Now you've been asked to coach his youth league football team. Time to brush up on the basics. Coach Hall Riddle, Head Coach of Hewitt Trussville High School, starts at the beginning - the football field. Learn the fundamental rules of game - from the number of players allowed at the scrimmage line to how points get on the board. Whether you're a volunteer coach, a youngster interested in the game, or a parent trying to keep up with your kids, the best place to start is right here - the beginning.

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football football 101

football Coaching Linebackers | Essential Linebacker Traits Coaching Linebackers | Essential Linebacker Traits

Now you're coaching linebackers, what does it take to play Linebacker? Are you up for the challenge of coaching linebackers? Sure you want speed. You want an athlete that explodes on the field. But, it takes a lot more to be a successful linebacker. It takes great instincts, effort, practice, AND a great Coach, like Keith Boone. Coach Boone, Assistant Football Coach at the University of North Alabama, takes us through his teaching progression for linebackers. Starting with alignment on the field and following all the way through to the result, Coach Boone prepares his athletes for success - on and off the field. Don't forget to "take care of the little things," like Blow Delivery, Blocking, and Tackling. Little things?! Yes, that's right, and proper coaching will keep them from becoming big problems. Sure there may be some false steps or misreads, but with the right coaching approach - AND repetition, repetition, repetition - the player who gives the effort, gets the result. Your turn to put forth some effort now. The videos are waiting! OH...and there are more linebacker drills available. Since you are coaching linebackers, here's more linebacker drills you can use.

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football football 101

football Football Drills: Footwork Football Drills: Footwork

Keep those feet moving. Now. Right foot over left. Left foot over right. Turn your hips. Plant your feet. Ohdrills. Teach your athletes the Shuffle. Next, maybe a little Karaoke. Don't forget the Angle Run. Now "hand hop" on to the Ladder Drill! This video series will warm you up in no time - and as Coach Harbin puts John Carroll football camp athletes through their paces as he teaches them basic football footwork.

football football 101

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