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football Special Teams Special Teams

Larry Blakeny of Troy State University covers the importance of special teams, methods to get special team practice in, shield and rugby punts and kick off coverage.

football kicking game

football Kicking Game Kicking Game

Coach Harmon covers the special team functions of kick cover and return, plus punt cover and return.

football kicking game

football Special Teams-Kickoffs and Field Goals Special Teams-Kickoffs and Field Goals

Just how important is a good kicker? Well, if your teams playoff opportunities depend on a field goal, then you may think they are pretty important. This is a great series for anyone interested in kicking field goals, kickoffs or looking for some drills and thoughts on how to get better at place-kicking. Brian Bostick, a former kicker with the University of Alabama, covers some of the key areas to helping you become a better kicker.

football kicking game