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football Wing T Offense: Coaching Wing T Football Wing T Offense: Coaching Wing T Football

The Wing T Offense is a basic football offense that's easy to learn and flexible for incorporation into any football program. Coach Hal Riddle draws the X's and O's that will help you gain the yardage you need to develop a successful offensive team. From Numbering to the Buck Sweep Cross to the Waggle Pass, the Wing T offense puts football fundamentals to work on the field.

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football plays and strategies

football Southeastern Line Camp Southeastern Line Camp

If you're a high school coach and you want to develop offensive linemen, you need to look into the Southeastern Line Camp in Birmingham. Southeastern Line Camp is a working camp for high school linemen run by high school the video to find out more.

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football plays and strategies

football Building A Football Offensive Passing Package Building A Football Offensive Passing Package

This football clinic video is full of ideas for the passing portion of a sound offensive pressure package that you can easily incorporate into your own offensive package.

Every football coach knows that his offensive package includes multiple items. You know that you must force the defense to defend the entire football field by attacking all areas of the football field. This will allow your offensive coaches to create mismatches that are critical to the success of an offense.

Every football coach knows that you must establish a running game to take some of the teeth out of the defenses ability to defend the pass. You can find out more about establishing your running game here.

You also have to minimize the mistakes your offense makes because the defense is looking for mistakes to capitalize on.

The nuts and bolts of this clinic on developing your passing game is a set of plays that are simple to learn, offer a multi prong attack and are easy to modify. Watch this clinic and learn how you can use your receivers to spread the defense out over the entire football field using just a few concepts that your offense can easily pick up and apply.

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football plays and strategies

football Spread Offense: What is it? Spread Offense: What is it?

Averaging 35 points per game is a good reason to think you've got a good offense. Coach Hudspeth covers his offense in this series.

football plays and strategies

football Football: Defensive Philosophy Football: Defensive Philosophy

Coach Bobby Wallace discusses defensive philosophy and cover 2 pattern reads at the Alabama Football Coaches Association convention. Starting with what the football defensive football player basics to the reactions to drags and trips.

football plays and strategies

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