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play videoOverview

Coach Yeager Southeastern Line Camp gives an overview of what they have, how it relates to other schools and his ideas on what to do with it to build a strong team. view series


play videoWhat Builds Consistency?

Building consistency in your football program is a critical part of what must happen to build a program that is competitive year after year. view series


play videoThe Complete Catcher

Coach Matt Heath of Auburn University goes over what makes a Complete Catcher, including game management, knowing the pitchers, and utilizing the signs that make a difference for every game and every player. view series


play videoCoaching Girls

Girls ARE different than girls, and if you're coaching girls in any sport this is a great video to watch! view series


play videoSoftball Pitching Skills: Fence Drills

To solve a problem, you have to identify it first! These drills help troubleshoot a pitchers motion (softball pitching). view series


play videoStudent Athletes: Choosing a College - Division Three

Basketball Coach Tony Duckworth of Huntingdon College discusses Division Three athletic programs in this video segment. While it's true that Division Three schools don't offer athletic scholarships, Coach discusses the other scholarship opportunities available to students. Coach also discusses recruiting high school athletes for Division Three and commitment to coaching style based on philosophy rather than entering students. view series

Special Topics

play videoKeeping Athletes Healthy: The Importance of Hydration Part 1

Keeping athletes properly hydrated during practice and games is essential to safety and health. Dr. Phillip Bishop discusses the importance of hydration and gives specifics on fluid intake - what to drink, when to drink, and fluid retention. view series

play videoKeeping Athletes Heatlhy: The Importance of Hydration Part 2

Water or Sport Drinks? Long breaks or more frequent, short breaks? Dr. Bishop offers information and practice organization tips based on his team's hydration research. view series

play videoYouth Sports Seminars

Greg Patterson, Director of the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department and a former high school coach, talks about why educating parents that have kids playing in youth sports is important. view series