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play videoStart and Stance

If your line isn’t starting from the right place…things aren’t good for your backs. The stance and the pre-stance and the power angle needed to make it work are demonstrated here. view series


play videoLinebacker Stance

view series


play videoBasketball Strategy: Developing an Offensive Strategy

"Keep it simple," advises Coach Heath as he discusses his team's offensive development. In this introductory video, Coach explains how he developed the current offensive strategy he uses at the University of Arkansas. view series


play videoBaseball Pitching Checklist

Gunside L -arm position. Alignment - once gunsd L is rotation on a straight line Use lower body to rotate, quicker in lower body rotation the faster the pitch view series


play videoVolleyball Stack

Stacking your offense moves everyone to one side to gain your advantage. The angles aren't the same and the blocks are easier and this is a great discussion. view series


play videoSoftball Throwing Skills: The Importance of Proper Throwing Technique

Coach Martin begins this softball clinic by discussing the importance of throwing. Too often in softball, there's not enough focus on the mechanics of throwing and receiving. As a result, many players don't develop proper techniques or arm strength that can really make for a successful team. Coach explains why effective throwing is essential in this softball throwing drills introductory video. view series

Special Topics

play videoKeeping Athletes Healthy: The Importance of Hydration Part 1

Keeping athletes properly hydrated during practice and games is essential to safety and health. Dr. Phillip Bishop discusses the importance of hydration and gives specifics on fluid intake - what to drink, when to drink, and fluid retention. view series

play videoKeeping Athletes Heatlhy: The Importance of Hydration Part 2

Water or Sport Drinks? Long breaks or more frequent, short breaks? Dr. Bishop offers information and practice organization tips based on his team's hydration research. view series

play videoYouth Sports Seminars

Greg Patterson, Director of the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department and a former high school coach, talks about why educating parents that have kids playing in youth sports is important. view series