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play videoDip and Lean in A Tight Circle

This pass rush drill is explained and demonstrated to the defensive linemen (and you), then the defensive linemen pair up and start this pass rush drill...dipping and leaning to get past the offensive lineman. As always, hips are important and the technique needs to be perfected before the drill moves to the next part of the progression. view series


play videoSpecial Teams-Place Kicking

Consistency is more important than distance when it comes to kicking field goals. In this football special teams segment, we cover the importance of consistency and conditioning that is important to kickers. view series


play videoStaying In Control at the Plate: Choking Up on the Bat

Every inch a softball player chokes up on the bat you get 10% more control on your bat. After discussing choking up and the conditions where a greater choke is needed, Coach moves on to the problems of "casting" when hitting the softball. view series


play videoThe Outlet Push Drill

The Outlet Push Drill puts players through their paces as they practice getting the ball out quickly off the defensive rebound to the outlet man. Push the ball up the court. Fill the lanes. Look to Jump Stop. Make the right read and transition. Bounce Pass....and hopefully get the Lay-up! Add to all that some challenging passing situations and you've got a workout! view series


play videoBaseball Skills: Throwing Footwork

Baseball players have to catch a baseball and throw a baseball where it needs to go. The feet are an important part of each and every throw! view series


play videoVolleyball Defense: The Attitude

There are some general thoughts on playing volleyball defense. No matter the type of defense you may play, there are things your kids need to know and try. view series

Special Topics

play videoKeeping Athletes Healthy: The Importance of Hydration Part 1

Keeping athletes properly hydrated during practice and games is essential to safety and health. Dr. Phillip Bishop discusses the importance of hydration and gives specifics on fluid intake - what to drink, when to drink, and fluid retention. view series

play videoKeeping Athletes Heatlhy: The Importance of Hydration Part 2

Water or Sport Drinks? Long breaks or more frequent, short breaks? Dr. Bishop offers information and practice organization tips based on his team's hydration research. view series

play videoYouth Sports Seminars

Greg Patterson, Director of the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department and a former high school coach, talks about why educating parents that have kids playing in youth sports is important. view series