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This page lists the newest how to coach video here at MyCoachOnline.

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baseball Art of The Strikeout Art of The Strikeout

Coach Scott Foxhall of Auburn University presents facts about strikeouts that may change how you look at your strikeout kings

coaching How To Coach baseball - plays and strategies

baseball Hitting Wrap Session Hitting Wrap Session

Coach Jim Page of Millsaps College fields hitting questions from an audience of high school baseball coaches. This session covers drills and mechanics that you can use right now to improve your teams hitting performance.

coaching How To Coach baseball - batting

baseball Pitching Wrap Session Pitching Wrap Session

Jerry Weinstein of the Colorado Rockies covers the fastball pitch and using the "fastball look" as the basis for every pitch your pitcher will throw.

coaching How To Coach baseball - pitching and throwing

baseball BBCOR Bat and Baserunning BBCOR Bat and Baserunning

The BBCOR bat has worked it's way down to the high school level and you may need to change the way you think about base running. This clinic covers how the BBCOR Bat has changed baseball and some things you can do to be more productive.

coaching How To Coach baseball - baserunning

baseball winning baseball infield drills winning baseball infield drills

Trent Mongero, author of "Winning Baseball" demonstrates some practical fielding drills to develop great baseball infielders. From principals, to general baseball infield drills to specific position drills. To get a copy of Coach Mongero's book click here

fielding drills for baseball, first base drills, middle infield drills, baseball infield drills

coaching How To Coach baseball - infield and outfield

football Defensive Line Pass Rushing Drills Defensive Line Pass Rushing Drills

Watch these pass rushing drills and have a sheet of paper handy to take some notes! The techniques in this pass rushing drill series have been used by top coaches to build defensive fronts that sack quarterbacks and cause footballs to be poorly thrown.

Pass Rushing

coaching How To Coach football - defensive line

football Dip & Lean to Limp Arm Dip & Lean to Limp Arm

This drill starts by reviewing the dip and lean technique and builds on the hoop drill shown here and here. In an ideal world your defensive linemen would do the dip and lean technique, speed right past the blocker and bury the ball carrier before he had a chance to get to the line of scrimmage.

Football is NOT a game of ideal though and the offensive lineman is doing his best to stop the defensive lineman and neturalize the dip and lean. With a little practice and attention to detail, this drill will help your defensive linemen handle any block that comes his way.

dip and lean, limp arm counter

coaching How To Coach football - defensive line

golf Golf Short Game Part 3 Golf Short Game Part 3

Your golf short game is the game that will get the ball into the hole after you've proven your skill with the monster long shots. Here are tips for chip shots and some putting ideas.


promotions MCO Overview MCO Overview

This is an overview video of the sports and type of instruction you'll find at MyCoachOnline


baseball BBCOR Bat | Hitting And Run Production BBCOR Bat | Hitting And Run Production

You can't count on big innings to pull you ahead when you're using the BBCOR bat and in this video Coach Brian Shoop covers strategies to help you produce runs.

Freebies in Baseball, Offensive Run Production, BBCOR Bats

coaching How To Coach baseball - batting

football Hoop Drill Football Hoop Drill Football

The hoop drill football simulates the path your defensive linemen follow to the quarterback during a pass rush. And this proven drill from The Southeastern Line camp is easy to do and very effective at teaching your defensive linemen a great pass rush technique.

Defensive Line Drills, Dip and Lean, Hoop Drill, hoop drill football

coaching How To Coach football - defensive line

baseball Baseball Pitching Baseball Pitching

Coach Sprowl covers ideas to build your pitching staff, beginning with a throwing program that strengthens your pitchers arm, things you as a coach should just know about your pitcher to building a pitching staff with depth and training your 2-way players.

2-Way Baseball Players, Pitching Staff Depth, Pitching Throwing Program

coaching How To Coach baseball - pitching and throwing