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Single centerfield - Runners on first and third.

Baseball defensive situations with runners on first and third.

Specific Baseball Infield Drills By Position

In addition to general infield baseball drills, there are drills that are specific to an infield baseball players position. This video segment covers drills that are specific to third base, middle infield and the first baseman.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Who's On First?

The Coach, that's who. Players depend on the Coach to know the game - inside and out. That's why a coach has to develop baseball signs and signals that feel comfortable - that allow players to respond without being distracted. Coach Polk offers up humor and reality in this introduction to baseball offensive signal systems.

Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part One

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.


Softball Hitting Skills: Lower-Body Strength

Hitting Station One focuses on driving the hips and body through the ball. Using a long stick grasped by the elbows behind the back, athletes move hips and body through the swing to maximize the power of the hit.

Baseball Skills: Throwing Footwork

Baseball players have to catch a baseball and throw a baseball where it needs to go. The feet are an important part of each and every throw!

The Role of the Parent: How Do you Handle a Child Who Wants to Quit?

How do you handle a child who wants to quit after the season begins? Why does it matter if your child quits? John Croyle gives advice on why it's so important for young athletes to develop the habit of following through on commitments - whether in sports or in other challenges of life.

Football Basics 101 - The Field, The Teams, The Time

Most people know a football field is 100 yards long (excluding the end zone, that is). But, do you know the distance from hash line to hash line on a football field? Learn the basics on field dimensions, player numbers, and game times in this Football 101 video.

Building An Offensive Package

This technique helps you find offensive formations that are effective against a defense that you've scouted. These formations rely on a skill based offense where offensive players can be lined up into any formation and the skills they have learned in practice still apply. This technique is very flexible and best of all you don't have to have your opponent completely scouted by Sunday afternoon. This offense relies on wristbands and sound offensive skills and you can change things easily on Tuesday morning or in the middle of the second quarter. As you watch this clinic have a pad and paper handy to take some notes. PS This was an early Saturday morning clinic that was well attended and full of questions...proof that people were eager to hear what Coach Yeager had to say.

New to Coaching? Let's Get Started!

First-time coaches often wish the net was under them instead of across the court. Coach Richardson shares some tips with new coaches on learning resources and mentoring - and the value of listening to new ideas no matter how long you've been in the coaching corner.

Softball Skills: Defense

Half the game of softball is defense, so here is a discussion on defensive strategies (Softball Defensive Strategy).

Serve Receive

How will you line up your defense to receive the serve? Coach Lambert covers the basics of volleyball base defense.

Auburn Volleyball: What to Expect

Wade Benson, head volleyball coach at Auburn University covers the background of Auburn Volleyball and looks forward to the coming years.

The Big Picture

Knowing the big picture about your team important as you set the tone for your season.

Strength Philosophy

Your philosophy guides your actions and your teams philosophy needs to be reflected in the weight room. This is a discussion on bringing your field philosophy into the weight room.

Basketball Drills: Help Defense - Part One

Coach begins this basketball skills series with a lesson on Help Defense. Communication is a large part of this lesson. This basketball drill is a continuous drill that uses a lot of chatter and energy as players hone their skills.

Perimeter Defense - Set to Right Antenna

Guess what this video covers! You got it - perimeter defense with the ball set to the right antenna! No, not the rabbit-ear kind. (Sorry couldn't resist.) Coach covers the responsibilities of each defensive player as they move from base to read positions to defend their turf, uh, court.

Wide Receiver Skills - Perfect Route Drills: Quick Game Routes

These Perfect Route Drills are a great tool for teaching athletes how to run routes. Always begin with a good stance and start to minimize false steps and get an explosive take off. Coach goes through the Hitch, the Quick Out, and the Slant Routes checking body position at each point. Running these routes correctly ensures no wasted movement and little time for the defensive back to react!

Baseball: Umpire Positions and Responsibilities - The Slot

Umpire Joe Willis kicks off this baseball video series by demonstrating the basic position and responsibilities of the plate umpire. Willis explains it all, from calling the start of the game to extending the strike zone for the 12 and under players.

wide receiver drills - Stance and Start

For your wide receivers, it is important to get off the line of scrimage correctly. In this wide receiver drills video you'll learn a lot that may prevent your wide receiver from getting a false start. Work your recevers on both sides of the field and remind them to drop their hips and shoulders when making a cut.

Baseball Catcher's Equipment - Meet the Coach

Meet Coach Frederico and learn a bit about what makes him tick and how his philosophy has developed.

Baseball Umpiring: What Makes a Good Umpire?

What does it take to be a good umpire? Not surprisingly, it takes many of the same traits that it takes to be a good athlete. In this video segment, Umpire Joe Willis discusses the mental and physical aspects of umpiring.

Situational Hitting and run production

A successful "At Bat" is a must for EVERY hitter in the line up with the BBCOR bat. You can't just say "Johnny will strike out", you now have to say "...Johnny need to take 7 pitches and maybe get hit by the pitcher." Here you'll get some ideas about producing successful at bats.

The Power of a Coach: Is It Important to Make Parents Aware of the Expectations You Have as a Coach?

In this coaching video, UAB Softball Coach Marla Townsend discusses how essential it is to make expectations clear to both parents and athletes. A coach needs to clearly communicate not only expectations, but also goals, in order to have a successful team.

Introduction: The Coach's Challenge

In this general overview of coaching, Coach Ron Polk talks openly about the challenges facing coaches today...from limited staff and time, to the NCAA. A video every coach needs to see.

Baseball Baserunning - The Proper Stance

Coach discusses how essential good baserunning techniques are in becoming a good baseball player. Beginning with discussion on the importance of the proper stance to the effectiveness of the first power step out of the box, Coach follows with a baseball drill focusing on stance.

The Power of a Coach: Why Should I coach youth ball?

Coaching youth ball can be a challenge. But, the rewards of coaching make it worth it. UAB's Head Softball Coach Marla Townsend shares her thoughts on coaching youth ball, and having the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people.

What Do Coaches Look for When Recruiting Athletes?

The answer may surprise you. It's not all about skill. In this video Coach Marla Townsend of UAB Softball gives High School Athletes tips on how to be noticed by college coaches regardless of the sport. Townsend also shares the many opportunities that are available for young athletes at various levels of play, and explains what coaches look for in athletes when recruiting.

Performance Programs - Strengthening & Conditioning

This series begins with general discussion regarding the age at which an athlete should begin a performance program. The discussion continues to include how a program is individualized with age being only one factor. The primary goal is injury-risk reduction.

Tennis: Racket Customization

Whether preparing for tournament play, or just enjoying the game, Tennis Racket Customization is a must. A player needs a racket properly weighted and balanced to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury. From String to Swing-weight, learn what's important in making your tennis racket fit your style - now, and as your game develops.

Volleyball Fundamentals: Posture

Knowing when to be in the right posture is critical to success in volleyball. In this segment, Coach discusses and demonstrates the basic postures of volleyball explaining how each is used for various aspects of the game, such as floor defense or setting. Coach then uses a simple drill to teach players how to move with the volleyball while maintaining the correct posture.

Volleyball Passing Drills

In volleyball, passing is about body position and motion. These volleyball passing drills start with correct body posture for the pass so players learn to hit out instead of up. Players then progress to body motion: learning to step into and away from the ball. The goal - pass towards where the ball is coming from, not where you want it to be. In other words: Go with the Flow! But....Control the Flow.

Developing Velocity

Ron Wolforth of Pitching Central covers the keys to developing velocity in your pitchers

Fielding on the Glove Side

Fielding the ball on the glove side is important to developing great infielders, coach polk demonstrates proper fielding mechanics and the shows the reasons the ball should be fielded on the glove side. ( Fielding Fundamentals )

Program Overviews

Seeing what someone's high school strength program looks like gives you a great place to start your own program. Here's a way you can get results from your plan.

Georgia Southern Strength Program

The philosophy of your athletic program should filter down to your strength program. In this video, Coach Melton covers the Georgia Southern Strength Program and gives ideas about how you can adapt their program to yours.

Spread Offense: What is it?

Averaging 35 points per game is a good reason to think you've got a good offense. Coach Hudspeth covers his offense in this series.


A short introduction and overview of how Coach Burrow organizes the drills he uses to have each task build on the last one and prepare for the next one (linebacker drills).

Soccer Basics: Meet Anna Hale

Anna Hale has been playing soccer since the Fourth Grade. From instruction in Canada to a college soccer scholarship, she's maintained her passion for the game. Here Anna tells you her soccer history.

Olympic Lifts: Power Lift Zones

A areas of your lifting movement are different and you must adjust your lift speed accordingly. This section has white board diagrams backed up by live demonstrations.

Pass-Serve-Target Drill

This is a 3 or 4 player volleyball drill that lets the server work on the serve and the receiver works on receiving the volleyball.

Travel Teams: Management

Properly managing a Travel Team is the key to success. Coach discusses his approach to managing teams, the make-up of the coaching staff, and how essential it is for the managers and coaches to know what the goals are for the season.

Baseball Training: The Dynamic v. The Static Warm-up

Baseball Training is evolving. Traditional training exercises failed to focus on integrating movement in the training room with action on the field. Focusing on balance and coordinated movement, Coach Gustafson explains how a Dynamic Warm-Up prepares athletes for action. Training shouldn't just teach athletes how to move, but how to move in a way that is consistent with performance on the field, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Quarterback Checklist

Coach Bailey begins by covering the things that make a great football quarterback then moves to the years schedule for quarterback workout drills.

Lessons Learned

Jerry Kindall at Ala BCA

Football Offense: Intro

Coach Richt's opening remarks covering his philosophy on coaching and his background that has helped him develop the well oiled football team he runs today.

Coaching Softball: Base Running and Coaching Third Base

"The shortest distance between two bases is a straight line." It's the coach's job to get softball players down that line and around the next base. In this softball coaching segment on Base Running, Head Coach Marla Townsend, discusses basic base running skills and techniques for coaching 3rd base. Good communication with base runners is one key to successfully coaching from the field.

Mental Approach to Youth Sports

Greg Patterson, Director of Huntsville Park and Recreation talks about the sports safety program that they are implementing. He also talks about the challenge of playing multiple sports versus playing just one sport.

Catcher Overview

There are characteristics that a good catcher must have to be successful, here's some thoughts on what makes a great catcher for a baseball team. This video covers the receiving stance and action stance.