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The Role of the Parent: How Do you Handle a Child Who Wants to Quit?

How do you handle a child who wants to quit after the season begins? Why does it matter if your child quits? John Croyle gives advice on why it's so important for young athletes to develop the habit of following through on commitments - whether in sports or in other challenges of life.

New to Coaching? Let's Get Started!

First-time coaches often wish the net was under them instead of across the court. Coach Richardson shares some tips with new coaches on learning resources and mentoring - and the value of listening to new ideas no matter how long you've been in the coaching corner.

Football Skills: Defensive Line Hand Placement

This drill starts with the defensive linemen in a six point stance and progresses hand placement step by step. Starting with where the hands need to be, then the drill progresses where the defensive lineman explodes his hands into the offensive lineman using his hands and his hips. This video has a lot of "tidbits" that your defensive linemen need to know to insure they win the hand fighting battle in the trenches.

Coaching Football Offense: The "Wing T Offense"

The "Wing T" is a fundamental offense that can be used with players at any level - from the youth leagues to high school and college. In this introduction, Coach Riddle explains the basics beginning with the base wing t football formation. From this base-alignment, learn how to adjust positioning in response to your opponent's strategy or based on your players' skill level. (WING-T OFFENSE).

Football Reach Block

Starting with the target step, this reach block drill teaches your offensive lineman the reach block.

Wing T Football Play: Cross Buck Sweep, Line Action

The blocking scheme for the Cross Buck Sweep is covered in this segment (WING-T OFFENSE).

Passing Fundamentals

One handed basketball passing and skip passing the basketball are fundamental skills every basketball player needs to know. Here are those fundamentals and some basketball drills to burn them into memory.

Specific Baseball Infield Drills By Position

In addition to general infield baseball drills, there are drills that are specific to an infield baseball players position. This video segment covers drills that are specific to third base, middle infield and the first baseman.

Evaluation and Tryout Process Organizational Meeting

All baseball coaches should hold an organizational meeting for prospective players and their parents before evaluations and tryouts begin. This meeting should provide interested players and their parents information regarding what will be expected of the aspiring player during the tryout process and what criteria will be used in player selection.

Baseball Catcher's Equipment - Meet the Coach

Meet Coach Frederico and learn a bit about what makes him tick and how his philosophy has developed.

Travel Teams: Management

Properly managing a Travel Team is the key to success. Coach discusses his approach to managing teams, the make-up of the coaching staff, and how essential it is for the managers and coaches to know what the goals are for the season.

Baseball Baserunning - The Proper Stance

Coach discusses how essential good baserunning techniques are in becoming a good baseball player. Beginning with discussion on the importance of the proper stance to the effectiveness of the first power step out of the box, Coach follows with a baseball drill focusing on stance.

Baseball Umpiring: What Makes a Good Umpire?

What does it take to be a good umpire? Not surprisingly, it takes many of the same traits that it takes to be a good athlete. In this video segment, Umpire Joe Willis discusses the mental and physical aspects of umpiring.

Strength Philosophy

Your philosophy guides your actions and your teams philosophy needs to be reflected in the weight room. This is a discussion on bringing your field philosophy into the weight room.

More Baseball Drills For BBCOR Bat Production

Coach Shoop covers sliding, stealing and base running during offensive batting practice. Using the information in this video your team will be able to maximize the shortcomings of the BBCOR bat.


A short introduction and overview of how Coach Burrow organizes the drills he uses to have each task build on the last one and prepare for the next one (linebacker drills).

The Complete Catcher

Coach Matt Heath of Auburn University goes over what makes a Complete Catcher, including game management, knowing the pitchers, and utilizing the signs that make a difference for every game and every player.

When To Load

Knowing when to start the load is important to getting the bat on the ball. Here we see techniques for knowing when to start the load in the "0" stop. (hitting or batting)

Baseball: Umpire Positions and Responsibilities - The Slot

Umpire Joe Willis kicks off this baseball video series by demonstrating the basic position and responsibilities of the plate umpire. Willis explains it all, from calling the start of the game to extending the strike zone for the 12 and under players.

Building An Offensive Package

This technique helps you find offensive formations that are effective against a defense that you've scouted. These formations rely on a skill based offense where offensive players can be lined up into any formation and the skills they have learned in practice still apply. This technique is very flexible and best of all you don't have to have your opponent completely scouted by Sunday afternoon. This offense relies on wristbands and sound offensive skills and you can change things easily on Tuesday morning or in the middle of the second quarter. As you watch this clinic have a pad and paper handy to take some notes. PS This was an early Saturday morning clinic that was well attended and full of questions...proof that people were eager to hear what Coach Yeager had to say.

Basketball Drills: Help Defense - Part One

Coach begins this basketball skills series with a lesson on Help Defense. Communication is a large part of this lesson. This basketball drill is a continuous drill that uses a lot of chatter and energy as players hone their skills.

Baseball: Little Things That Win - Relationships

Coach Thompson begins discussing those small things that make teams successful by letting these coaches know that "talk is cheap" when not backed up by action. Coach shares some of these sentiments given by successful coaches in this inspirational basketball clinic session. The focus in this segment is relationships.

Baseball Infielding Fundamentals: The Ready Position and Prep Steps

Playing infield requires the ability to throw well. Throwing well begins with fielding the ball. Fielding the ball begins with a good athletic stance. Coach discusses and demonstrates the proper Ready Position for the Infielder. But an Infielder, doesn't just stand and wait for the ball. The importance of Prep Steps to field the ball are also demonstrated in this Fielding Fundamentals video.

Developing a Booster Club - Have A Plan

Knowing what you are trying to accomplish is essential to success in everything you do. A booster club's objective must be crystal clear.

The Outlet Push Drill

The Outlet Push Drill puts players through their paces as they practice getting the ball out quickly off the defensive rebound to the outlet man. Push the ball up the court. Fill the lanes. Look to Jump Stop. Make the right read and transition. Bounce Pass....and hopefully get the Lay-up! Add to all that some challenging passing situations and you've got a workout!

Mental Preparation

Softball Coach Jay Miller of Mississippi State University covers how to mentally prepare players in order to develop great hitters. (softball hitting or batting).

Infield Play: The Stance

This Infield video series begins with a demonstration of a good athletic stance. Coach points out the proper position of the knees, body, elbows, and glove, explaining why stance is so critical to successful Infield play.

Volleyball Passing Drills

In volleyball, passing is about body position and motion. These volleyball passing drills start with correct body posture for the pass so players learn to hit out instead of up. Players then progress to body motion: learning to step into and away from the ball. The goal - pass towards where the ball is coming from, not where you want it to be. In other words: Go with the Flow! But....Control the Flow.

Fundamental Conditioning

Squeezed on time in practice? Coach Rick Davis of Hoover High Schools shows you some of the infielder and outfielder drills that can help the players develop their skills even without a ball.

Staff Assignments

Planning for the next football game takes preparation and every member of a coaching staff must know their part and the time frame they have to work with to field a football team ready to play on Friday night.

Defensive Line Drills-React and Pursue

These Defensive Line Ball Get Off Drills work your defensive linemen in a progression that teaches them to quickly and aggressively fire off the football, read what is happening with the football, react to the situation the play is presenting the pursue the ball and make the tackle.

Performance Programs - Strengthening & Conditioning

This series begins with general discussion regarding the age at which an athlete should begin a performance program. The discussion continues to include how a program is individualized with age being only one factor. The primary goal is injury-risk reduction.

Basic Softball Pitching Terminology - Part 1

Coach Hogan covers BASIC TERMINOLOGY needed to be an effective softball pitcher (softball pitching).

The Coach's Role in Youth Athletics

"Gentlemen, this is a football." Those are the words Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant used at the beginning of every season says John Croyle of the Big Oak Ranch. The coach's role is a complex one. Just as the parent, the Coach is a teacher and a mentor. From the fundamentals of the sport to the challenges of life, the Coach's influence remains long after the game is over.

The Power of a Coach: Lessons Beyond the Scoreboard

What's the most important thing a coach ever taught you? That's what we asked John Croyle. In this video segment, he shares what Coach Bryant taught him that he now tries to pass on to others - children and parents.

Basketball: The Importance of a Sound Coaching Philosophy

In this introduction to coaching basketball offense, the importance of developing a sound philosophy and sticking to it is discussed. Calling on the words of his mentor, Coach John Wooden, Coach Gottfried stresses that a coach should "teach what you know and know what you teach."

Football Basics 101 - The Field, The Teams, The Time

Most people know a football field is 100 yards long (excluding the end zone, that is). But, do you know the distance from hash line to hash line on a football field? Learn the basics on field dimensions, player numbers, and game times in this Football 101 video.

Double Slot Speed Sweep Left

A sweep around the left side makes this just one of the many effective football plays in our free animated football playbook out of the double slot formation.

The Outfield

Baseball theory is great and there is an abundance of different theories, but the main thing is to see the baseball, catch the baseball then get it where it needs to go.

Metabolic Function in Athletic Training: VO2 Max and Lactic Acid

Dr. Phillip Bishop discusses two metabolic functions that have made their way into athletic training in an often misunderstood way: VO2Max (maximal oxygen uptake) and Lactic Acid production. Dr. Bishop discusses both, explaining their relationship to training and separating the myths from the realities.

Coaching Football Offense: Runningback Drills

Here you'll find football drills for offensive runningbacks.

Basketball Coaching Philosophy

Coach Lappas discusses coaching philosophy and how to build a great basketball team. (Basketball inbound plays)

Football Skill Drills

This set of football drills will help your athletes play more effectively. The first is a Ball Get Off drill working on getting close to the football The Key drill is an attack front drill getting a run read, pass read, and draw read. The Double Team drill teaches athletes how to fight pressure with pressure. The Control the Blocker Drill and shed block for tackling the running back.

Offensive Passing Package

This video begins with X's and O's on an overhead projector covering some of the options your wide receivers have against the defense, then shows how effective these technique are using game film and questions from football coaches in the audience. It's not just about the receivers, you'll also get information about how your quarterback needs to read a defense in order to effectively use the strategies presented in this clinic.

Volleyball Footwork Drills: The Final Approach

Continuing to focus on the last two steps to the ball, the Attacker starts this drill with the hand in attack position. At the toss, it's two steps right-left to the ball (for leftys it's left-right, of course), a hit to the wall and a bounce to the Shagger. This drill is great for balance and proper positioning.

Football Drills: Basic Footwork Skills

Yeah, yeah, yeah, do the Football Shuffle. What, you, prefer Karaoke? Well, this video has that too - and more. Try the Angle Run. Now try it (gasp) backwards! These basic football warm-up drills are great for athletes at all levels.

Defensive Line Strategies: Locking Out the Reach Block

"Fight pressure with pressure." That's the basis of this football defensive technique. Coach demonstrates how to "lock out" the Reach Block. Beginning from the Fit Position, Coach walks us through arm and hip position for successfully controlling the offensive lineman.

Training Tools and Tips (Pitching)

Bo Reid takes a look at two tools that his team uses to measure ball speed and hand strength.

Strength and Agility

To build bigger, faster and stronger athletes, you must understand the basics of your game and you've got to understand how the body stores and uses energy. This segment gives you those building blocks to help you build agile athletes.

Linemans Stance

Starting off correctly is the basis for success, and for an offensive lineman, the stance is where it starts (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).