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Passing Fundamentals

One handed basketball passing and skip passing the basketball are fundamental skills every basketball player needs to know. Here are those fundamentals and some basketball drills to burn them into memory.

The Outlet Push Drill

The Outlet Push Drill puts players through their paces as they practice getting the ball out quickly off the defensive rebound to the outlet man. Push the ball up the court. Fill the lanes. Look to Jump Stop. Make the right read and transition. Bounce Pass....and hopefully get the Lay-up! Add to all that some challenging passing situations and you've got a workout!

Basketball Zone Offense - Introduction

"There are a million ways to coach basketball, and they are all right," according to Coach Robertson. With humor and experience Coach introduces his Zone Offensive Strategy. With lots of ball movement and endless options, the Zone works. Coach begins his play run through with a two guard front and a "must make" pass.

The Kicking Game

This is an introduction to special teams and what they are and are not

Softball Skills: Baserunning Part One

Running through first base so you are ready to head to second, or anywhere else if the opportunity presents itself. Plus leads and returning to the base if necessary. (Softball Offensive Strategy).

The Role of the Parent: Life Lessons for Athletes

What one life lesson did you learn from you parents? That's what MyCoachOnline asked Judy Green, Head Volleyball Coach at the University of Alabama. Coach's answer: "They never doubted my ability to do anything." Green talks about how that unwavering support allowed her to become the coach, and person, that she is today. It's a life lesson for all parents and kids, whether your child plays sports or not.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building -Introduction

Why is Team Building so important to a baseball team? Coach begins this video baseball clinic by explaining just that. Sharing his background as a player and coach, as well as insights into successful team building begins with players who have an energy and passion for the game. Coach builds on this as he shares personal stories of his career as a player and a coach.

Outfielder Pre Game prep

Prior to game day your outfielders should know their job and here is how to insure they do.

Pick And Roll

This pick and roll drill (in video) helps a coach teach his basketball players how to use the pick and roll to get into position to score a basket from 3 positions on the basketball court.

Baseball Skills: Throwing Footwork

Baseball players have to catch a baseball and throw a baseball where it needs to go. The feet are an important part of each and every throw!

Planning Each At Bat - Introduction and Overview

Coach Dangler leads off this baseball video series by hitting a homerun with the four areas of concentration for maximizing hitting skills.

Baseball: Umpire Positions and Responsibilities - The Slot

Umpire Joe Willis kicks off this baseball video series by demonstrating the basic position and responsibilities of the plate umpire. Willis explains it all, from calling the start of the game to extending the strike zone for the 12 and under players.

Hand Action Drill

Remember! Getting the hand action down is important to any defensive lineman and even though this drill will have your defensive linemen laughing because they feel like they are playing a girls game of "patty cake", the basic hand technique to win in the trenches is learned and reinforced.

Baseball Catcher's Equipment - Meet the Coach

Meet Coach Frederico and learn a bit about what makes him tick and how his philosophy has developed.

Secondary Break Formation

Here Vestavia coach George Hatchett and his rebel squad demonstrate a variety of secondary break formations to advance the ball quickly up the floor in order to set up their half-court offense. Using color-code designation to signal which side of the floor to begin advancement, the players concentrate on quick forward passing to set up their ‘three out, two in’ formation which begins the Rebel’s half-court set.

wide receiver drills - Stance and Start

For your wide receivers, it is important to get off the line of scrimage correctly. In this wide receiver drills video you'll learn a lot that may prevent your wide receiver from getting a false start. Work your recevers on both sides of the field and remind them to drop their hips and shoulders when making a cut.

Soccer Basics: Meet Anna Hale

Anna Hale has been playing soccer since the Fourth Grade. From instruction in Canada to a college soccer scholarship, she's maintained her passion for the game. Here Anna tells you her soccer history.

Quarterback Checklist

Coach Bailey begins by covering the things that make a great football quarterback then moves to the years schedule for quarterback workout drills.

Football Basics 101 - The Field, The Teams, The Time

Most people know a football field is 100 yards long (excluding the end zone, that is). But, do you know the distance from hash line to hash line on a football field? Learn the basics on field dimensions, player numbers, and game times in this Football 101 video.

The Big Picture

Knowing the big picture about your team important as you set the tone for your season.

Tennis Drills: The Overhead

Don't fall backwards. Lean forward. That's just the first lesson in these Overhead Drills. Coach begins with a basic Overhead Drill then goes to the Six Ball Drill that brings it all together.

Baseball Skills: Catching - Developing a Catcher

It's very important to develop a catcher early. How do you do that? That's one of the topics discussed in the first segment of this baseball video series.

Basketball Strategy: Developing an Offensive Strategy

"Keep it simple," advises Coach Heath as he discusses his team's offensive development. In this introductory video, Coach explains how he developed the current offensive strategy he uses at the University of Arkansas.

Georgia Southern Strength Program

The philosophy of your athletic program should filter down to your strength program. In this video, Coach Melton covers the Georgia Southern Strength Program and gives ideas about how you can adapt their program to yours.

One-on-One Doubles: Introduction

Coach Krass introduces us to One-on-One Doubles and explains some of the many benefits of this style of play. Through One-on-One Doubles, players isolate the serve, return, and volley. The result is a very competitive, yet developmental game of tennis.

Volleyball Footwork Drills: The Final Approach

Continuing to focus on the last two steps to the ball, the Attacker starts this drill with the hand in attack position. At the toss, it's two steps right-left to the ball (for leftys it's left-right, of course), a hit to the wall and a bounce to the Shagger. This drill is great for balance and proper positioning.

Underhand Passing

Coach Darling demonstrates sound form and technique you (or your athletes) need to know in order to become excellent underhand passers!

Basketball Drill: Penetrating Pitch Drill

This basketball drill works guards through the Hop Step into a controlled Jump Stop and Kick Out to the 3 point shot. Focusing on ball control and footwork skills, this drill primes players for the 3 point shot.

Training Athletes: Why Recovery Time is Essential to Success

No coach wants to be blamed for losing because athletes weren't worked hard enough. But, working athletes too hard with inadequate Recovery Time actually decreases performance levels. Dr. Bishop explains the physiology of training athletes and the necessity of Recovery Time.

Hitting Fundamentals Part One

Where is THE place to observe the best hitting stance in baseball? Watching the pro's of course. In this introduction to baseball hitting fundamentals, Coach uses professional baseball players to show the proper hitting mechanics from stance to contact to follow through.

Strength and Agility

To build bigger, faster and stronger athletes, you must understand the basics of your game and you've got to understand how the body stores and uses energy. This segment gives you those building blocks to help you build agile athletes.

Pitching: The Main Muscles

Strengthening and taking care of the muscles your pitcher uses to pitch the baseball will help you build and keep your pitching staff. Coach Lane demonstrates some of the exercises he uses to strengthen his pitchers arms.

Pitching Q&A 3

The questions continue to come from coaches with no particular topic other than what the audience members want to cover.

BGO Drill progression

As we begin the ball get off drills, teach your defensive linemen to line up as close to the neutral zone as they possibly can. Getting as close to the neutral zone as they can helps neutralize the offensive lineman's first step, giving your defensive lineman an edge. <br><br> In this drill, when the ball moves, the defensive lineman penetrates into the offensive backfield, recognizes a toss sweep, then the defensive lineman redirects flat toward where the ball will be to make the tackle. The redirection is key in this drill, the lineman must learn to get his toe planted into the ground so he can quickly redirect down the line. <br><br> NOTE: This is a "Ball Get Off" drill, so your defensive lineman must look at the ball to know when to fire off so have fun trying to pull them off sides...he shouldn't move till the ball moves! <br><br> Everything isn't a toss sweep, so your defensive lineman must know the keys that scream "pass play"...the offensive lineman getting in a pass block posture is probably clue number 1. This portion of the drill works on recognizing a pass and knowing when the quarterback has decided to pass. Knowledge of these "pass cues" helps your defensive lineman know when to start trying to block the pass and finally when the pass is thrown your lineman practices his redirect toward the football to help make the play.

Blocking-The First Step

Getting the first step down is critical from knowing exactly what 6 inches is to where the offensive lineman's hand is located. Another thing this drill works on is helping the offensive lineman NOT telegraph his intentions to the defensive lineman before the play, no matter if the block is straight ahead, a pull or even a pass block. <br><br> This drill is relatively simple, but you should take the time to study it to see what mistakes Coach Bnefield catches, what he's not catching and to prepare yourself so you know what to look for as you put your offensive linemen through their paces!

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 1

Coach Self discusses the Ball Screen strategy he uses at the University of Kansas. Simply put: whenever "big" ball screens on a "little," the outside big automatically fills the weak side block.

Introduction: The Coach's Challenge

In this general overview of coaching, Coach Ron Polk talks openly about the challenges facing coaches today...from limited staff and time, to the NCAA. A video every coach needs to see.

Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation Defense Part One

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.

Building An Offensive Package

This technique helps you find offensive formations that are effective against a defense that you've scouted. These formations rely on a skill based offense where offensive players can be lined up into any formation and the skills they have learned in practice still apply. This technique is very flexible and best of all you don't have to have your opponent completely scouted by Sunday afternoon. This offense relies on wristbands and sound offensive skills and you can change things easily on Tuesday morning or in the middle of the second quarter. As you watch this clinic have a pad and paper handy to take some notes. PS This was an early Saturday morning clinic that was well attended and full of questions...proof that people were eager to hear what Coach Yeager had to say.

Coaching Baseball: Developing and Evaluating Assistants - Part One

Coach begins this video series by discussing the most important aspect of choosing an assistance coach. First and foremost character is paramount. Work ethic is also extremely important in selecting an assistant baseball coach.

What is Good Deceleration

The idea of creating good deceleration sounds great, but unless you know what good deceleration looks like, you can't teach it to your pitcher and make it a regular part of his pitching arm care

The Role of the Parent: How Do you Handle a Child Who Wants to Quit?

How do you handle a child who wants to quit after the season begins? Why does it matter if your child quits? John Croyle gives advice on why it's so important for young athletes to develop the habit of following through on commitments - whether in sports or in other challenges of life.

Volleyball Blocking Defense: Footwork Positions

Coach Beyer covers the footwork mechanics of three effective maneuvers utilized in successful ball blocking: The Push, Push Drive, and the Push Slant. Mastering the footwork positions covered in these Volleyball Drills will help a team greatly improve their blocking skills. Beginning in the coiled position and landing on a slant, a player using these blocking techniques correctly can quickly move to the appropriate position for a clean block without interfering with other players. Volleyball Drills.

Basketball Drills: Help Defense - Part One

Coach begins this basketball skills series with a lesson on Help Defense. Communication is a large part of this lesson. This basketball drill is a continuous drill that uses a lot of chatter and energy as players hone their skills.

Specific Baseball Infield Drills By Position

In addition to general infield baseball drills, there are drills that are specific to an infield baseball players position. This video segment covers drills that are specific to third base, middle infield and the first baseman.

Serve Receive

How will you line up your defense to receive the serve? Coach Lambert covers the basics of volleyball base defense.

Baseball Umpiring: What Makes a Good Umpire?

What does it take to be a good umpire? Not surprisingly, it takes many of the same traits that it takes to be a good athlete. In this video segment, Umpire Joe Willis discusses the mental and physical aspects of umpiring.

Situational Hitting and run production

A successful "At Bat" is a must for EVERY hitter in the line up with the BBCOR bat. You can't just say "Johnny will strike out", you now have to say "...Johnny need to take 7 pitches and maybe get hit by the pitcher." Here you'll get some ideas about producing successful at bats.

Throwing Program For Pitchers

A Baseball pitcher MUST throw, and a throwing program that helps him get better as the season progresses just makes sense. Coach Sprowl covers a simple, time tested pitching program that he uses at Shelton State

Coach Joey Jones: Wide Receiver Drills

Coach Jones discusses receiver play and shows some of his favorite football drills to help insure great wide receiver routes are run.