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The Lineup

Your lineup isn't something you make on the fly, you need to begin getting your lineup in order well before the season starts and you need to know what the objective of the lineup is.

Single centerfield - Runners on first and third.

Baseball defensive situations with runners on first and third.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Who's On First?

The Coach, that's who. Players depend on the Coach to know the game - inside and out. That's why a coach has to develop baseball signs and signals that feel comfortable - that allow players to respond without being distracted. Coach Polk offers up humor and reality in this introduction to baseball offensive signal systems.

Team Building: Communication Part One

Beginning from day one with athletes the first goal is build a team. Everything else revolves around that. But where do you start? Coach Weisberg starts by defining the five most important aspects of success, beginning with Communication.

Baseball: Little Things That Win - Relationships

Coach Thompson begins discussing those small things that make teams successful by letting these coaches know that "talk is cheap" when not backed up by action. Coach shares some of these sentiments given by successful coaches in this inspirational basketball clinic session. The focus in this segment is relationships.


What will it take to be a good coach? Find out here!

Evaluation and Tryout Process Organizational Meeting

All baseball coaches should hold an organizational meeting for prospective players and their parents before evaluations and tryouts begin. This meeting should provide interested players and their parents information regarding what will be expected of the aspiring player during the tryout process and what criteria will be used in player selection.

Catchers Stances

There are 3 basic catchers stances and in this series Coach Rhodes covers the 3 stances and the finesse points of each stance.

Sweating The Pitching Details

Sweating the details has multiple purposes and having the details in place is the beginning of mental preparation. To get to the meat of this video scrub to the 3:00 in the time window.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building -Introduction

Why is Team Building so important to a baseball team? Coach begins this video baseball clinic by explaining just that. Sharing his background as a player and coach, as well as insights into successful team building begins with players who have an energy and passion for the game. Coach builds on this as he shares personal stories of his career as a player and a coach.

Specific Baseball Infield Drills By Position

In addition to general infield baseball drills, there are drills that are specific to an infield baseball players position. This video segment covers drills that are specific to third base, middle infield and the first baseman.

Hitting Fundamentals Part One

Where is THE place to observe the best hitting stance in baseball? Watching the pro's of course. In this introduction to baseball hitting fundamentals, Coach uses professional baseball players to show the proper hitting mechanics from stance to contact to follow through.

Baseball Pitching Checklist

Gunside L -arm position. Alignment - once gunsd L is rotation on a straight line Use lower body to rotate, quicker in lower body rotation the faster the pitch

Bunt Defense: Coaching Overview

Coach Polk speaks about his methods of coaching and making sure what is learned in practice is applied in game situations. (Baseball Bunt Defense)

The Nuts And Bolts

<p>Obviously, if you want to improve some aspect of your pitchers performance, you must be able to measure how your pitcher is perfuming in that area.</p> <p>This video shows you how to measure and improve the 4 areas covered in part II as your pitcher works hard to become an elite strikeout artist.</p> <p class="bold">This is stuff you can take to the bullpen today!</p>

What is Good Deceleration

The idea of creating good deceleration sounds great, but unless you know what good deceleration looks like, you can't teach it to your pitcher and make it a regular part of his pitching arm care

Quality vs Quantity

Quality and quantity are important and the balance between the two is a fine line that you as a coach must walk to point your baseball players in the right direction.

Lessons Learned

Jerry Kindall at Ala BCA

Baseball Skills: Throwing Footwork

Baseball players have to catch a baseball and throw a baseball where it needs to go. The feet are an important part of each and every throw!

Baseball Pitching Drills: Body Types And Styles

This baseball video is an overview of different styles of pitching based on the pitchers body type and arm angles. The discussion covers what you - as a coach - can do to help a pitcher throw effectively based on individual strengths versus working against natural body styles and actions.

Travel Teams: Management

Properly managing a Travel Team is the key to success. Coach discusses his approach to managing teams, the make-up of the coaching staff, and how essential it is for the managers and coaches to know what the goals are for the season.

Baseball Baserunning - The Proper Stance

Coach discusses how essential good baserunning techniques are in becoming a good baseball player. Beginning with discussion on the importance of the proper stance to the effectiveness of the first power step out of the box, Coach follows with a baseball drill focusing on stance.

Homework Assignments

Giving your baseball players homework assignments is a great way for them to develop their's unique homework assignment for your athletes.

Baseball Catcher's Equipment - Meet the Coach

Meet Coach Frederico and learn a bit about what makes him tick and how his philosophy has developed.

Situational Hitting and run production

A successful "At Bat" is a must for EVERY hitter in the line up with the BBCOR bat. You can't just say "Johnny will strike out", you now have to say "...Johnny need to take 7 pitches and maybe get hit by the pitcher." Here you'll get some ideas about producing successful at bats.

The Baseball Playbook

This is the best "how to" baseball book of all time, it's packed with everything you need to know to understand and excel at the game of baseball. From the first practice to the last tournament, Coach Polk (head baseball coach at Mississippi State) covers it. If you're not sure if this book is for you ask any high school or college baseball coach if they think its a good book....then come back and <a href="/store/">ORDER HERE.</a>

Infield Play: The Stance

This Infield video series begins with a demonstration of a good athletic stance. Coach points out the proper position of the knees, body, elbows, and glove, explaining why stance is so critical to successful Infield play.

Coaching Baseball: Pitching Skills Part One

Coach Lane begins this baseball pitching series with a focus on the upper body mechanics of pitching. Positioned on one knee, the pitchers go from gun-side L to rotation to release. In this segment, the players work on the 2-seam and 4-seam fast ball.

Catcher Overview

There are characteristics that a good catcher must have to be successful, here's some thoughts on what makes a great catcher for a baseball team. This video covers the receiving stance and action stance.

The Rundown

In baseball or softball when a rundown starts you want to be prepared and practice is how you prepare. This video demonstrates how your infield can prepare to be the victors in any rundown situation. This is part of the fundamental drill series outlined in the <a href="">baseball playbook.</a>

Stance and Mechanics

Batting requires a good stance and here's some tidbits that will develop a great hitter.


Introduction of Coach McNickle by Coach Polk (hitting and swing mechanics)

Baseball Infielding Fundamentals: The Ready Position and Prep Steps

Playing infield requires the ability to throw well. Throwing well begins with fielding the ball. Fielding the ball begins with a good athletic stance. Coach discusses and demonstrates the proper Ready Position for the Infielder. But an Infielder, doesn't just stand and wait for the ball. The importance of Prep Steps to field the ball are also demonstrated in this Fielding Fundamentals video.

The Outfield

Baseball theory is great and there is an abundance of different theories, but the main thing is to see the baseball, catch the baseball then get it where it needs to go.

Selling Your Philosophy

Over and over again coaches talk about selling their philosophy to their baseball players, here's some ideas for selling your philosophy to your team.

Basic Swing Fundamentals

Fundamental factors that great baseball hitters have in common are demonstrated in this segment.

Inside-Out Hitting Stroke

Your batters hitting stroke is how he makes the bat connect with the baseball. See baseball hitting drills that will help your hitter control the barrel of the bat to insure proper contact no matter the pitch.

Throwing Basics

Coach Lowe covers the basics of throwing the baseball from grips, to arm swing, and release points. (throwing and pitching)

The Complete Catcher

Coach Matt Heath of Auburn University goes over what makes a Complete Catcher, including game management, knowing the pitchers, and utilizing the signs that make a difference for every game and every player.

Organizing Baseball Practice: Practice Warmup

Coach Barker provides an overview of how to run a productive baseball practice warm-up routine. With an emphasis on keeping your practice organized and moving at the appropriate pace, Coach presents simple and easy ways to get your team geared-up to go. Utilizing five separate workstations, these drills provide elements of strength, footwork, and athleticism to your workout. After completing the station workouts, players transition into throwing drills.

Team Warm-Up

A philosophy of warming up to throw not throw to warm up is the idea behind this warm up process.

Developing Soft Hands

Knee Drill Sequence, Flexion in elbow, eyes close to ball, field out front (infield)

Throwing Program For Pitchers

A Baseball pitcher MUST throw, and a throwing program that helps him get better as the season progresses just makes sense. Coach Sprowl covers a simple, time tested pitching program that he uses at Shelton State

Planning Each At Bat - Introduction and Overview

Coach Dangler leads off this baseball video series by hitting a homerun with the four areas of concentration for maximizing hitting skills.

Hitting: Initial Stance

You've got to have a great initial stance so you can approach the baseball and be in position to hit it!

Baseball Skills: Catching - Developing a Catcher

It's very important to develop a catcher early. How do you do that? That's one of the topics discussed in the first segment of this baseball video series.

Pitching: The Main Muscles

Strengthening and taking care of the muscles your pitcher uses to pitch the baseball will help you build and keep your pitching staff. Coach Lane demonstrates some of the exercises he uses to strengthen his pitchers arms.

CORE Training and Tissue Quality

According to Coach, it's best to think of Core training as C.O.R.E. Training....correcting the overused responders to exercise. Core Training is a "hot topic" , but everyine defines it differently. Coach summarizes Core Training in this video and take athletes through drills for the abs, hips, and middle of the body. These drills can be used to determine muscle over-use, mis-use, and tissue quality in athletes.

Pitching: The Change-Up Part One

Coach Schoenrock covers the basics of the change-up pitch including philosophy, grips, velocity and location. (Baseball Pitching)

Baseball Truths: Section 1

What are "Baseball Nuggets"? Well, Coach Guilliams explains what a nugget should be to a baseball coach and starts his list.