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Basketball Offensive Play: The Corner

The Corner is a great basketball offensive play when you're up against zone pressure. Coming right out of the single offense, this play gives you three scoring options for either the 2 or the 3 point shot.

Softball Pitching Skills: Center Line Step (Audience Question)

Where should the foot land in relation to the powerline? (Softball Pitching).

Baseball: Little Things That Win - Practice Planning, Fundamentals, & Concentration

Coach wraps up this baseball clinic series by discussing the importance of practice planning, fundamentals, and concentration to the overall success of a team. Those seem like no-brainers, but too often they are overlooked in building a winning baseball team.

Basketball Offensive Play: The Spin and The Blitz

The Spin is a dribble over offensive play that uses a quick ball reversal and fade screen against a one guard front. What? You have a two guard front to deal with? Then it's time for the Blitz. The defense won't know what hit 'em.

Football: Ladder Drills

Accuracy comes first, then build your speed. That's the skill athletes learn with ladder drills. This video takes you through three variations of the Ladder Drill. This vertical ladder will take athletes to the top!

Softball Pitching Skills: Weighted Balls

How to use a weighted ball to develop your pitchers strength and endurance. (Softball Pitching).

Basketball Defensive Play: The Gold

So the offense has been using all of these plays and you're getting pounded. Time for some specialty DEFENSIVE plays. First up: the Gold Defense. Changing defensive strategy during a game keeps your opponent off balance giving you an edge just when you need it. The Gold Defense uses the best of the best players to confuse the offense.

Football: Obstacle Drills

Obstacles? Not for long, once athletes master these football skills. One-step, two-step, side-to-side....before you know it, you're stepping right over the goal line!

Coaching Tennis: Feeding - Part Three

This final tennis drill is great when coaching lots of kids with limited coaching assistance. Not only does this drill teach tennis players control, it helps players learn placement and cooperation. Great for building a tennis team.

Basketball Defensive Play: The 95 Press and The 95 Hard

The "95 Press" is a zone press defense. You want to get a great trap or a 10 second count. But, what if you need points before the buzzer? Go with the "95 Hard". With the "95 Hard" Defense, you force the ball where you want it to be in-bounded. With a sprint and a steal, you're back in the game.

Pro Right, fullback inside dive right

Just like the dive left but on the other side of the center to add variety to your football playbook arsenal.

Baseball Skills: Catching - The Make-up of the Catcher

One of the first things to look for in a good catcher is to look at what's he's made of. Champion baseball teams have great guys behind the plate. Coach gives key points to look for in the make-up of a catcher in this video segment.

The Center Field Face Defense with "The Special" Offensive Response and The "101" Defense

You are out of time! No time for traps or 10 counts. You've got to steal the in-bounds. This is a total face denial defense that forces the offense to throw over and go deep. So, what's your offensive response? A Step Out Play called The "Special". The "Special" works against total denial with a screen fake and a sprint out of bounds. Back to defense: the "101" is a man-to-man defense for trapping the point guard. After a free throw or dead ball, the "101" gets you back into full court action.

The Stance Part I

The difference between style and substance in a softball hitting stance, plus important points to help create a good stance. (softball hitting or batting).

Baseball Catching Skills: Receiving

What are the 3 top skills a coach needs to have in a catcher? Coach gives an introduction to the 3 skills that are essential to a successful catcher. He begins with discussion on receiving the baseball.

The "75" Defense & The Spread Motion Offense

It's late in the game and you're ahead. You can relax now. Yeah, right! Now, the clock is your enemy because there is TOO MUCH time. The "75" is a three-quarter court zone defense that takes time - your opponent's time - to beat. Back to Offense. (Okay, my head is spinning too, but try to keep up with me.) Your ahead and battling that excessive clock again. Go to a Spread Motion offense. This is a hard-cutting, passing offense. The basketball won't spend much time on the floor or in your opponent's hands.

Additional Stab Set Drill

In the Bull Rush no one is waving a red flag, but one HUGE red bag that takes some awesome hits. Watch as Coach Meadows puts athletes on the offensive (and defensive) sides of the bag, rather, play to fine tune those hand skills on the pass set.

Part 2: Timing The Punch

After everyone knows the footwork and process, the drill moves to keeping the defensive lineman in front and timing the punch to protect the passer.

The Stance Part II

Knees bent, hands at the top of the strike zone, and elbows should be down in order to have a good softball hitting stance. (softball hitting or batting).

Fun Tennis Drills - The MJ Drill (King of the Court)

The MJ Drill or King of the Court starts off this video. Players are partnered for this enjoyable tennis drill that teaches as players have fun. The Coach controls the level of difficulty as the tennis balls are fed to the players.

Baseball Catching Skills: The Set Up

Coach Norris discusses the skills needed to receive the baseball. How do catcher's need to set up? Coach also discusses the drills and practice techniques that help develop good receiving skills.

Basketball Offensive Play: The Connecticut & Flex Cut-Dump In

The Connecticut is a break-down basketball offense run out of Spread Motion. This is an excellent late game, man-to-man offense designed to get the shot. The Flex Cut-Dump In can be run out of Spread Motion, at the end of the shot clock, or at the end of the game. Starting with the Point Guard at center court, this offense uses a hard Flex Cut to get players in position to "dump" the basketball for 2 points.

The Stance Part III

Three more points to a good softball stance: Eyes and head should be level, there must be good plate coverage, and a player must have good balance. (softball hitting or batting).

Fun Tennis Drill - The Olympic Tennis Drill

This drill is called Olympic Tennis. The drill teaches young players that even though they are up to the net, there is still an opening. If you can teach your athletes to hustle and complete on every ball, then you've got them! That's part of the value in this drill.

Baseball Catching Skills: Blocking the Baseball

Blocking is the focus in this baseball skills video. Technique and talent will get you part of the way, but that mental attitude gets the job done.

Part 4: Realism

After the parts of this drill are in place, you've got to add the realism. This part has the defender moving with a purpose and the offensive lineman must learn to counter him.

The Stride

The stride and a good swing. (softball hitting or batting).

Baseball Catching Skills: Blocking the Ball Drills

Coach goes over some basic baseball catching drills. Push and Collapse is one of the strategies described here.

The Fit Drill (offensive line drills)

The player has exploded from his six point stance. Now he's in motion. The power is coming from the hips, and the cheers are coming from the stands. Football offensive line drills that demonstrate how to put all that power into motion, as the offensive lineman fits himself against the defense.

The Swing

Jay Miller, softball coach at Mississippi State University, explains a sound bat swing technique (softball hitting or batting).

Field Maintenance: The Pitcher's Mound

Creating the Pitcher's Mound can be tricky. In this segment you'll find the specific measurements for creating the mound and tips on mound formation and up-keep.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing

For a successful baseball program it's what we know - repetition, repetition, repetition. Coach discusses the importance of the exchange when throwing from the catcher's perspective, including detail's of footwork for catchers.

Basketball Handling Drills - Part Two

Starting with the stationary dribble, this video is full of ball handling action. The Half Crossover, Figure Eight, side-to-side and behind the back. It's about speed and technique. Ending on passing technique, athletes learn how to jump stop and pivot for the pass. Great drills for fundamental ball handling skills.

Swing Demonstration

This video shows some good techniques to actually demonstrate to your players how balance affects their hitting power. (softball hitting or batting).

Field Maintenance: The Daily Routine

Coach discusses the maintenance that is required daily in order to keep your field in shape for game day. Checking the bases and the Mound, checking the bullpen mounds, and dragging the field are just a few of the tasks that Coach and his players perform every day.

Tennis: Doubles Strategy - Flowing with the Ball

This tennis segment provides instruction on "flowing with the ball." In doubles it's essential for partners to learn how to flow with the ball rather than remaining stationary, but while continuing to work as a team. Good instruction tips and demonstrations.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing - Glove Position

Throwing techniques specific to the glove position is what Coach explains here. He demonstrates the way to do it right!

The Trap Play

Move fast and step with the right, that is proper, foot. Coach Harbin leads these young offensive linemen from alignment to assignment in this football video (offensive line drills).

Defensive Line: Shoot and Separate

After the hands are shot to the proper position, your defensive linemen must gain separation from the offensive linemen so he can find the football and move to make the play.

Hitting Drills

Drills Coach Miller uses at Mississippi State University to help develop great hitters (softball hitting or batting).

Field Maintenance: The Warning Track

A good Warning Track is essential to player safety. Coach discusses the composition of the Warning Track and how to keep the track in good condition.

Tennis: Doubles Strategy - Communication

Doubles partners need to be talking to each other continuously, communicating position, calling the tennis ball, etc. It's especially essential in tennis doubles because the player at the net can't continuously see his partner. Coach ends this series with discussions of hitting angles and shots that, again, require the partners to flow with the ball.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing - Catch the Baseball First!

The biggest key to the exchange is CATCHING the baseball! That's why they are called catchers. But, catchers can control the game when they fully develop their skills. That's what this video discusses.

The Counter Play (offensive line drills)

Counter Left. Counter Right. The object is to misdirect the defense. The play to use is the Counter Play. The offensive line uses this counter-attack to lead the defense astray, and their team to to the goal.

Defensive LIne: Getting Off The Block

2 techniques for getting off the block and to the play are covered. "Push, Pull, Rip" and "Row The Boat" techniques help you teach your defensive linemen the skills they need.

Some Q&A

Coach Jay Miller discusses several softball drills and sets and then answers some frequently asked questions. (softball hitting or batting).

Basketball: Catching and Shot Fake Skills and Drills - Part Two

What's the value of the Shot Fake? Keeping the defender off balance. But it's not enough to fake the shot. You have to get by the defender - and fast. Sweeping the ball and positioning the body to attack the basket help ensure the shot.

The Dive Play (offensive line drills)

Dive? This is football right? You better believe it. This is football at it's best! Young athletes learning the proper way to execute a play. Clean. Clear. Successful. The Dive Play is a standard in every coach's playbook.

Angle Drill

This drill works on turning, cutting and moving the ball across the body (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

The Offensive Lineman Stance

Two point. Four Point. Six Point. The flag. Wait! What? A penalty flag?! Why?! That's what Coach Harbin explains in this football video. It's not enough to know the stance - you have to know when to hold it.