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Baseball Catching Skills: Blocking the Baseball

Blocking is the focus in this baseball skills video. Technique and talent will get you part of the way, but that mental attitude gets the job done.

Part 4: Realism

After the parts of this drill are in place, you've got to add the realism. This part has the defender moving with a purpose and the offensive lineman must learn to counter him.

The Stride

The stride and a good swing. (softball hitting or batting).

Baseball Catching Skills: Blocking the Ball Drills

Coach goes over some basic baseball catching drills. Push and Collapse is one of the strategies described here.

The Fit Drill (offensive line drills)

The player has exploded from his six point stance. Now he's in motion. The power is coming from the hips, and the cheers are coming from the stands. Football offensive line drills that demonstrate how to put all that power into motion, as the offensive lineman fits himself against the defense.

The Swing

Jay Miller, softball coach at Mississippi State University, explains a sound bat swing technique (softball hitting or batting).

Field Maintenance: The Pitcher's Mound

Creating the Pitcher's Mound can be tricky. In this segment you'll find the specific measurements for creating the mound and tips on mound formation and up-keep.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing

For a successful baseball program it's what we know - repetition, repetition, repetition. Coach discusses the importance of the exchange when throwing from the catcher's perspective, including detail's of footwork for catchers.

Basketball Handling Drills - Part Two

Starting with the stationary dribble, this video is full of ball handling action. The Half Crossover, Figure Eight, side-to-side and behind the back. It's about speed and technique. Ending on passing technique, athletes learn how to jump stop and pivot for the pass. Great drills for fundamental ball handling skills.

Swing Demonstration

This video shows some good techniques to actually demonstrate to your players how balance affects their hitting power. (softball hitting or batting).

Field Maintenance: The Daily Routine

Coach discusses the maintenance that is required daily in order to keep your field in shape for game day. Checking the bases and the Mound, checking the bullpen mounds, and dragging the field are just a few of the tasks that Coach and his players perform every day.

Tennis: Doubles Strategy - Flowing with the Ball

This tennis segment provides instruction on "flowing with the ball." In doubles it's essential for partners to learn how to flow with the ball rather than remaining stationary, but while continuing to work as a team. Good instruction tips and demonstrations.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing - Glove Position

Throwing techniques specific to the glove position is what Coach explains here. He demonstrates the way to do it right!

The Trap Play

Move fast and step with the right, that is proper, foot. Coach Harbin leads these young offensive linemen from alignment to assignment in this football video (offensive line drills).

Defensive Line: Shoot and Separate

After the hands are shot to the proper position, your defensive linemen must gain separation from the offensive linemen so he can find the football and move to make the play.

Hitting Drills

Drills Coach Miller uses at Mississippi State University to help develop great hitters (softball hitting or batting).

Field Maintenance: The Warning Track

A good Warning Track is essential to player safety. Coach discusses the composition of the Warning Track and how to keep the track in good condition.

Tennis: Doubles Strategy - Communication

Doubles partners need to be talking to each other continuously, communicating position, calling the tennis ball, etc. It's especially essential in tennis doubles because the player at the net can't continuously see his partner. Coach ends this series with discussions of hitting angles and shots that, again, require the partners to flow with the ball.

Baseball Catching Skills: Throwing - Catch the Baseball First!

The biggest key to the exchange is CATCHING the baseball! That's why they are called catchers. But, catchers can control the game when they fully develop their skills. That's what this video discusses.

The Counter Play (offensive line drills)

Counter Left. Counter Right. The object is to misdirect the defense. The play to use is the Counter Play. The offensive line uses this counter-attack to lead the defense astray, and their team to to the goal.

Defensive LIne: Getting Off The Block

2 techniques for getting off the block and to the play are covered. "Push, Pull, Rip" and "Row The Boat" techniques help you teach your defensive linemen the skills they need.

Some Q&A

Coach Jay Miller discusses several softball drills and sets and then answers some frequently asked questions. (softball hitting or batting).

Basketball: Catching and Shot Fake Skills and Drills - Part Two

What's the value of the Shot Fake? Keeping the defender off balance. But it's not enough to fake the shot. You have to get by the defender - and fast. Sweeping the ball and positioning the body to attack the basket help ensure the shot.

The Dive Play (offensive line drills)

Dive? This is football right? You better believe it. This is football at it's best! Young athletes learning the proper way to execute a play. Clean. Clear. Successful. The Dive Play is a standard in every coach's playbook.

Angle Drill

This drill works on turning, cutting and moving the ball across the body (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

The Offensive Lineman Stance

Two point. Four Point. Six Point. The flag. Wait! What? A penalty flag?! Why?! That's what Coach Harbin explains in this football video. It's not enough to know the stance - you have to know when to hold it.

Blocking...a bit more

Well, actually its more than just a bit more, a back has to know how to block and this running back drills shows how it is done (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Linebackers Drills: Planning It Out

This video covers some of the things you want to accomplish with your linebackers as you develop your own drills or adapt drills you've seen before.

Basketball Offense: The Philly

Coach wraps up The BC and begins the Red Series. The Red series is run out of a 1-3-1 set. First up in this series: The Philly. The play begins with a dribble in, short pass, then a hand-off . There's lots of action before a final flash to the paint to receive the ball for the shot.

Hand-off Drills

Running back drills for honing the exchange of the ball to help cut down on fumbles and deceive the defense (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Linebacker Drills: Part 1

This video covers some actual drills you can use today to build your linebackers.

Basketball Offense: The Middle, The Stay, The Comeback, The Over

Stay. Comeback. Over. Sound confusing? That's just what the offense intends. Continuing the Red Series out of the 1-3-1 set these plays are designed so that players share the action and the shot. Using the hand-off, fake screen, pass fake, and other basketball techniques, this series gives players countless options to make the shot.

Kick Out Block Drill - Part Two

In the second half of the Kick Out Block Drill, Coach Thorsen shows players how to "Wrong Arm and Wheel it!" Using the Wrong Arm Technique to redirect the play, the defensive player "wheels" around the offense and towards the action. This is one of those defensive line drills where "Wrong" is right!

Linebackers Drills: Part 2

You can never have to many drills to make practice more productive and interesting. Here's even more drills you can use.

Basketball Offense: The Away, The Away Three, The Carolina

The Away, The Away Three, and The Carolina are Lob Plays run out of a 1-2-2 set. The Away begins with a pass to the right. With a reverse and a fade screen, the player gets the lob shot. Away Three lets the 3 man start the action. The Carolina, a Lob Play out of a split set, lets the 3 man get the lob shot.

Tennis Warm up

Your warm-up has a purpose and if you step on the court thinking your warm-up is all about better do some re-thinking!

Basketball Offense: The Tarhill and The Power Play

The Tarhill, last of the lob plays in this series, is run just like the Carolina, but to the opposite side. The "Power 11" begins Coach's "Teen Series". With a hard post the play is set. A pass to the 3 man just below the top of the key and you're in.

Protecting the Ball

Many turnovers occur when the ball is not adequately protected, and keeping the points of the ball covered will keep the ball secure as you move it across your body and away from the defenders (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

About High School Tennis

How to find your tennis players and build a tennis team.

Basketball Offense: The Power Play Continued

Continuing with Power 13, 14, and 15, Coach Marshall draws the X's and O'x for this basketball offensive strategy. Brush screens, head-hunting screens, even fake screens set the tone for these plays. It's a set-up for a lay-up.....and it works!

Quick Hand Down Drill

Keeping your balance, moving forward and holding on to the football, all covered in this set of running back drills (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Vertical Pass Set - Part Two

Stance and step. That's the focus of this football drill for fine-tuning the Vertical Pass Set. Head, hands, and feet - get back and get set quickly. Coach shows these players how to get power out of position.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: The Pre-game Meal

Eating the right food at the right time allows an athlete to draw on stored energy during a game or practice. In this video segment, Dr. Swiger discusses when and what athletes should eat before competition.

Basketball Offense: The Option Play

Option "15" is about misdirection - keeping the defense off guard. With a quick "L" cut and a screen, the defense is left out of the action. Option "16" is an isolation play - going for the quick clear out. The shooter catches the basketball, rakes it through, and goes for the basket.


Freezing a defender using a fake is as important as a good block. Coach Gann covers some faking drills (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: Eating During Competition

Eating during competition is a lot different than the pre-game meal. Dr. Swiger discusses the various types of foods or snacks that are often used for "fast" energy, such as nutrition bars or candy bars, and whether they actually help or hurt the athlete.

Basketball Offense: The Jumper and The Iowa

The "Jumper" is always run left to right. With a stagger screen to the top, keep the defense reeling. The Iowa calls for the 3 man to really sell it while moving hard to the corner. Double ball screen.... Back screen..... Then, the best shooter coming off a down screen. You screen. I screen. We all screen for...never mind. (That was going to be a really bad pun.)


What a running back needs to know to be a blocker (DRILLS FOR RUNNING BACKS).

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: The Carbohydrate - Protein Balance

Proteins can't be stored by the body for use during increased activity. Carbohydrates can. That's why athletes need to consume more carbohydrates than protein when preparing for competition. The percentage of carbs versus protein and the amount of food in total an athlete should consume are discussed in this video.

Basketball Offense: The Russell and The Oklahoma

Russell Left or Russell Right - both of these plays begin on the pass of the basketball. Well, actually, one of those passes is a fake - but the play is real! Oklahoma (the basketball play, not the musical) can be run right or left. The 3 man makes a run for it - all the way to the dead corner. Screens for screeners and a basket for the offense - what a deal!