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Offensive Line Skills: Punch Techniques for Pass Sets

You've got the stance nailed down, now it's time to learn how to punch. The Straight Punch, High-Low Punch, Opposite Corners, and Centerline Punch techniques and drills are covered here.

5 Base Line Skills

There are 5 basic offensive line skills that are the base for anything your offensive line needs to do to help your running backs gain yardage.

Keeping Interest

Doing the same thing every day in your weight training isn't the way to keep kids working. Here's Mr. Wright covers some ideas to keep interest high.

Standing Position

They are ready to stand up and bring footwork into the equation (volleyball).

Vision and Tracking - Part Two

Okay, no more colors. Rhythm time! This "Ball-Hit" drill is very effective for improving tracking skills by focusing the hitter on the rhythm of the pitch. Hey, if a hitter gets the rhythm right, he can dance all the way to homeplate.

Coaching Baseball: Developing and Evaluating Assistants - Part Four

Coach begins this segment with the use of volunteers as assistant coaches. This video also give tips on how to treat and respond to volunteer assistants. Demonstrating trust for these volunteers by giving them responsibilities help develop the volunteers as good assistants.

Basketball Match-Up Defense: The "Fire" Play

The Match-Up Defense in Basketball is designed to Delay, Disrupt, Deflect, and Disguise. The "Fire" Play is about disruption. Coach Ciampi explains the specific game situations that call for the "Fire" - a strategy that looks to set up the steal. Whether a dribble or pass, this defense seeks to attack the ball, and, of course, win the game.

Core Workout

Is "Core" a buzz word? Leo Wright says you should have several core exercises in your workouts.

3 Person Drill

Here's a 3 person passing drill that teaches a skill and gets everyone involved (volleyball).

Why Your Coaching Approach Makes a Difference

What is your approach to coaching a hitter for success in a ballgame? "Plan to win," says Coach Dangler. In this video, Coach gives some advice on learning from the pros so that you can coach in the winningest way possible.

Coaching Baseball: Developing and Evaluating Assistants - Part Five

When developing an assistant baseball coach it is imperative that you come to know him personally and professionally. Recognizing that there is life outside of baseball is important on building good relationships with assistance. A big part of the relationship on and off the diamond is good, effective communication. Adding responsibilities as the assistant grows will elevate trust as well.

The Four "D's" of the Basketball Match-Up Defense Strategy

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: The Match-Up Defense seeks to delay, deflect, disrupt, and disguise. Coach discusses use of the defensive Time-Out, the Trap Play, and more as he explains the four "D's" of the Match-Up Defense.

Mental Aspect of Warm Up

During a warm up period, take that time to prepare your mind for a great workout.

Coach Ron Polk - Offensive Signal Recognition

This one hour lecture covering offensive signal recognition is broken into segments you can easily view and study.

Coaching Baseball: Developing and Evaluating Assistants - Part Six

It's essential that the Head Coach invest in the Assistant Coach. The Head Coach has an opportunity to make a difference by working hard to develop an assistant through investment and trust.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Rules for Passing into the Post

They don't call him Captain Hook for nothing! Whenever rules exist, they are broken. Here Coach touches on the player's accountability to the "job" and to the team. The defensive response to Passing into the Post begins with a ball to the inside scenario and the guard closest to the elbow doubling down. We expect it to end with a defensive play well done.

Football Tips: Throwing The Football

This video covers the fundamentals of throwing a football starting with the feet and working up your quarterback to the top of the throwing motion. Use this video to teach your quarterback to throw a great spiral.

basic football skills and drills: Receiving the Toss

Even the greatest Quarterbacks don't always make a great toss. Here athletes learn the basic football skills and drills of how to handle the football at the toss, including proper catching techniques and how to "look the football in all the way" until it is tucked for the run. Remember the running back must protect the football, here is some <a href="/football/running-back-skills/">ball handling tips</a> to help hold on.

Coordination Drill

Two athletes working to catch balls that are thrown to them. They'll have to communicate and cooperate to catch the balls that are thrown to them.

Potentially Harmful Exercises

Some great exercises can be harmful if they are done incorrectly. Mr. Wright covers some of the things that put to much stress on body parts. Dips, Squats, Dead Lift and Leg Extensions are on the list.

Coach Ron Polk - Offensive Signal Recognition

This one hour lecture covering offensive signal recognition is broken into segments you can easily view and study.

Adjusting to the Pitch - Neutral Counts

The count is neutral.... but neutral is a special count? That's right, and this video will explain how to coach hitters to understand the exception to the rule. It's about more than being at bat. It's about what you can learn for your next time or, for your teammate's turn in the box.

Coaching Baseball: Developing and Evaluating Assistants - Part Seven

In the final segment of this baseball coaching series, Coach discusses how to evaluate your assistant coach. The goal is to work to have your assistant exceed your own performance. Is the team better due to your assistant's work? Does he have the respect of the team? These are just few of the things to use in evaluating an assistant coach. Coach discusses this and more.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Dribble Rules

Crush and Rotate. Sounds a bit aggressive, don't you think? Yes! That's because this is a "take charge" defense. There's no sitting back and waiting for the offense to call the shots. These rules set the action on a wing and a dribble.

Quarterback Throwing Drills

This set of drills helps your quarterback develop sound techniques to throw a football accurately.

basic football skills and drills: The Angle Run Drill

This Football Drill is a changing direction drill that continues to work on Ball Handling skills as players cut back and forth across the field. Buzz - Plant - Cross - Buzz - Plant - Cross - all the while moving the football properly across the chest and tucking it safely away from the defense.

Slow Screen Technique

Three techniques your linemen will need to block for a slow screen are popping up, a kick step then throwing the defender. This part of the drill series teaches and reinforces those football skills that teach your offensive linemen to block for a screen without telegraphing the play to the defender. Watch this closely and take notes because there are lots of coaching points.

About Coaching

What is a coach? Why coach? If you're a coach you need to watch this video because you'll be surprised how you are looked at.

Eating Is Part Of It

Eat right, sleep right and train right are the three parts of a triad to build strength in an athlete.

Coach Ron Polk - Offensive Signal Recognition

This one hour lecture covering offensive signal recognition is broken into segments you can easily view and study.

Adjusting to the Pitch - Pay Attention!

Attention. It's the name of the game. Well, actually baseball is the name of the game, but attention is what will help hitters make successful adjustments when the game is played. Coach offers some tips on information gathering both in the batter's box and in the dug out.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Rebound Rules and the Skip Pass

The Rebound Rules are simple. Hit and go to the basketball outside the paint. Hit and hold the basketball when you have 2 feet in the paint. Coach fills in the details of rebounding, including rules for covering the skip pass. Make sure you don't skip or pass on the basketball practice drills Coach shares in this video!

Football Drills: Rollout Pass

Drills to learn the ROLLOUT PASS, both left and right (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

basic football skills and drills: Quick Hand (Push-Off) Drill and Quick Hand Double Speed Drill

What happens to the football when a players loses balance and stumbles on the carry? No-brainer that the Defense hopes for a fumble. These two football skills and drills are designed to help players learn the basic football skills needed to to "push off" the ground and regain balance without losing momentum or the football.

Half Line Screen Blocking Drill

Your offensive line should work together and this part of this football drill series has the offensive line working together as a unit against simulated defenders.

Basketball Drills: Covering the Skip Pass

Each player on the team has a job to do. The Coach expects you to do it. You've been given the rules. Now you ned to fine-tune your skills. These basketball practice drills focus on the role of each athlete in covering the skip pass.

Football Tipss: The Hand off

The Quarterback has to be able to performa great hand off, and this video shows how to make sure the handoff is a clean process that leads to good exchange and fakes. (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

basic football skills and drills: The Noose Drill

This football passing drill is a slow, loosening up drill. Backs and receivers practice the basic football skills and drills of catching and tucking the ball as they turn away from the tackler and head down the field.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: The Hand-Off Rule, The Shooter Rule, and Defensive Philosophy

As always, the rules for the Hand-Off and for Shooting are well-defined by Coach Ciampi. In this video he spells them out and shares coaching philosophy that supports this aggressive, pro-active basketball defense. Coach even throws in the "Quarter Trick" as a way of demonstrating to new players the value of creating the action rather than "re-acting" on the court.

Drop Back Pass


Football Offensive Skills: The Pat & Go and Hitch Drills

While the basic football skills and drills such as ball handling is still a focus, the object of these football drills is a solid stance and good footwork. Both the Pat & Go and the Hitch Drill work on planting the proper foot to secure the stance and catch the football (football skills and drills)

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Two

What is it that brings a team together? How does a coach measure success? What's the most challening aspect of the season? Those are some of the questions we asked Coach in this segment. The answers may surprise you. It's the answer to the question, "What are you going to do when the air is out of the basketball?" Watch this video to understand the question and the impact of the answer.

The Basketball Match-Up Defense: Perimeter Rules and Basketball Practice Drills

Take two slides and two slides only! Because you have to keep the inside passing lanes covered! These Basketball Practice Drills will give you the tools you need to bring the rules home! The "Coach controls the practice." So, take charge now!


The OPTION is demonstrated in this drill (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

basic football skills and drills: The Go Route Drill

With a three step drop, the Quarterback throws the Go-Route getting the football away from the defender. The Quarterback's job is to throw the football over the over the outside shoulder of the Receiver so it is either caught or goes out of bounds. A good way to strengthen basic football skills working the Quarterback and the Receiver (football skills and drills). We have some <a href="/football/quarterback-fundamentals/">quarterback fundamentals</a> available if you need them.

O Line: Film Review 2

A different set of offensive and defensive linemen and a different discussion on how to become a better football player. Hands, feet, rips and clubs are discussed in this clip.

Front Foot Placement

Focusing on the placement of the front foot during a batter’s stance, Coach Byerley demonstrates ways to correct the bad habit of ‘stepping out’ at the plate. He demonstrates a wide non-striding stance as well as a striding stance that starts with the lead foot out and brining it as the batter goes through her swing.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Three

"Failure to inform oneself." That is one of the adages that Coach uses with his players and coaches. Players have to learn fundamentals and then judgement. Here, Coach discusses the personality that succeeds in coaching and the coaching approach his staff uses to help their players succeed. Staff meeting schedules and practice plans are also included in this insightful segment.

Catching Basics

A skilled Catcher "receives" the baseball. (Doesn't that mean the Catcher should be called a Receiver. No, wait, that's football.) So what's the catch? (Couldn't resist. Sorry) This video takes you through those fundamental skills the catcher needs to succeed.

Football Defensive Skills: The Back Peddle Drill

Pass! Pass! Pass! Ball! Ball! Ball! Bingo! This is a vocal football drill. Putting athletes in the position of Defensive Back, the athlete "back peddles" for the catch, then makes the turn and, hopefully, the score.