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Catching Basics

A skilled Catcher "receives" the baseball. (Doesn't that mean the Catcher should be called a Receiver. No, wait, that's football.) So what's the catch? (Couldn't resist. Sorry) This video takes you through those fundamental skills the catcher needs to succeed.

Football Defensive Skills: The Back Peddle Drill

Pass! Pass! Pass! Ball! Ball! Ball! Bingo! This is a vocal football drill. Putting athletes in the position of Defensive Back, the athlete "back peddles" for the catch, then makes the turn and, hopefully, the score.

Back Foot Placement

Following the section on front foot placement comes this short lesson on back foot placement. Byerley demonstrates how the over-rotation of the back foot can cause the batter to lose balance during the swing. Here, they discuss techniques to correct the problem.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Four

Once again using intellect and wit, Coach Tillette inspires us with his sincere desire to be a true leader. Coach discusses the challenges of the basketball season, including helping players understand the value of personal accountability and discipline. "Celebrate the one who holds you accountable," because that is someone who cares about your success.

Football Defensive Skills: The Read the Shoulder Drill

This football drill for defensive backs is about reading the quarterback's shoulder as he prepares to pass. With a Quarterback shoulder turn to the right or left, the defensive back makes the read and gets in position for the interception. Catch the football, break right or left, then head for the goal line!

Proper Hip Position

In this segment, coach Byerley shows how many hitters over-rotate their hips as they move through the ball in the batter’s box. Instead of moving the hips 90 degrees as the batter swings, coach shows how the hips should remain in a linear position throughout the swing.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Five

How important is good communication with your players? Coach talks about the difference in coaching across time, the need for knowledge and the ability to persuade through action and language. Tillette shares his wisdom regarding the communication and leadership responsibilities of a coach.

Catcher Receiving Drills - Part Two

Repetition and Reaction. That's the aim of this baseball receiving drill. Working out of two stances, this drill prepares the catcher to receive the ball for a strike from a variety pitches.

Football Skills: Quarterback Drills with Footwork From Under Center

Here are football drills that will help a quarterback get his footwork right so that when it counts, foot placment is automatic (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Football Tackling Drills: The Fit Up Drill

The Fit-Up Drill is a basic tackling drill. Proper tackling is not just about winning, it's about safety. Proper position of the face and neck are critical to preventing serious injury. These tackling basics go through hand, body, and leg position for effective - and safe - tackling. </p> <p>You can find some more <a href="" target="_blank">football how to basics</a>.

Over-rotation of the Hips

Correcting the common problem of over-rotation of the hips is the goal of this section. Using a modified version of the broomstick and T-ball drill, Coach Byerley demonstrates a method for proper hip rotation, eliminating the habit of over-rotation causing and creating a more consistent swing.

Coaching: A Life of Leadership - Part Six

We challenged Coach in this final segment because there was still so much we wanted to know! Here Coach discusses the teaching aspects of coaching: how to build support for your program in the community, recruitment strategies, and advancement in coaching. Whew! But as always, the discussion is one of tremendous insight and personal accountability (and we even end on the role of humor in coaching. Ha ha!)

Bunt Defense: Signaling Part Two

Coach Polk discusses his method of signaling the bunt defense. (Baseball Bunt Defense)

Catchers: Blocking the Baseball - The Call Block Drill

It's important for a catcher to know HOW to block, but he also has to know WHEN to block the baseball. That's just one of the lessons in this video. Using the Call Block Baseball Drill, Coach Dunn works on leading with the glove and closing the distance.

Football Skills: QB Training Drills for Footwork From The Gun Snap

Still working from the waist down, these football drills help a Quarterback get his footwork down for a shotgun type offense (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Perfecting The Pass Rush

You've worked against the mighty dummies, so now it's time to work the pass rush moves against a real person so your defensive lineman can work their pass rush techniques until they are perfected and ready to take to the field.

Over-Rotation of the Shoulders

Moving up the torso from the hips, Coach Byerley tackles the problem of over-rotation of the shoulders. The teaching technique utilizes the flat part of a fence or a wall allowing the hitter to make contact with the surface with her elbows or shoulders in order to feel the over-rotation.

Bunt Defense: Analyzing the Game

Factors that determine when bunt defense should be used. (Baseball Bunt Defense)

Catchers: Blocking the Baseball - The Roll Block Drill

Again concentrating on leading with the catcher's mitt, this drill keeps the baseball low, hard, and fast. Working from the middle, left, then right, the goal is to REACT rather than execute the perfect block.

Football Skills: QB Training Drills for a Three Step Drop

Coach Rhoades brings out the fine points of a quarterback's footwork for several different passing situations. (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

The limp arm, club and arm over counter

The dip and lean pass rush teaches the defensive lineman to beat the offensive lineman with speed and technique, however you always need a counter in case plan A gets foiled. Coach Newton demonstrates and drills the limp arm with a club and arm over counter. This pass rush technique is demonstrated then the defensive linemen are pitted against some mean dummies to work the limp arm and club counter full speed as they continue their pass rush.

Bunt Defense: The Priority System

The priority system and how it applies to bunt defense. (Baseball Bunt Defense)

Football Skills: Five Step Drop

Coach Rhoades brings out the fine points of a quarterbacks footwork for several different passing situations. (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Football Skills: Defensive Back Drills

The Speed Turn Drill - post route and corner route - is first up here. The goal is to beat the receiver to the football. Sometimes though, you have to go for the tackle. The Shimmy is a great Tackling Drill that can be modified for use with or without pads.. Last up are Acceleration Drills: stance, start, back peddle, stick, and explode toward the action.


Emphasizing being relaxed, loose and in control at the plate, Coach demonstrates how to employ a proper bat grip. The teaching techniques include resting the bat on the inside of the fingers in stead of the palms, properly lining up the knuckles and eliminating over-rotation in each hand.

Bunt Defense: Assignments

Coach Polk covers what exactly to do during a bunt. (Baseball Bunt Defense)

Instituting A System of Play - Purpose and Principle

Athletes will "follow" a Coach who gives them a reason and a way. Instituting a system of play is more than drawing X's and O's on a board and telling kids to "do it." It's an exercise in Leadership. In these next few videos, Coach Tillette shares much more than just the "how-to's" of coaching basketball. A great series for anyone who works with youth or young adults.

Football Skills: Play Action Footwork

Coach Rhoades brings out the fine points of a quarterbacks footwork for several different passing situations. (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Hand Position

In this segment, proper hand position is demonstrated and related to creating power during the swing. Coach emphasizes moving the hands in a linear motion as the hitter moves the bat through the swing rather than out in a ‘casting’ motion.

Bunt Defense: Control and Execution

Coach Polk stresses control during throws and running through all the bunt defense plays in the playbook. (Baseball Bunt Defense)

Catcher Throwing and catcher footwork drills - Part Three

Two types of throws by the catcher are the topic of this final throwing and catcher footwork drills series. Starting with the jump pivot and ending with a drop of the knee, the catcher works on throws to first base. Speed and accuracy are the focus in these catcher footwork drills.

Instituting A System of Play - Learning and Listening

The last three "Laws of Learning" are covered in this session. But once you lay down the law, how does a Coach get athletes to listen? Coach Tillette shares insight on what it takes to have athletes listen to, and trust, their Coach.

Football Drills: Bullpen Drills

In this football drill, your quarterbacks are working on developing perfect form and hitting specific spots, almost like being in a bullpen (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

What To Look For

This group has a different mind set, and in this segment, Coach Harmon tells what you should look for in the athletes you pick for special team.

Hands and Wrists

In this segment focusing on proper wrist technique, Coach demonstrates a hitting drill using a hammer and broomstick. Moving the bat through a typical swing, the object is to hit the point of the broomstick square with the head of the hammer. Striking the broom stick on the side is an indicator of incorrect wrist position.

Instituting A System of Play - Awareness and Adaptation

You've established the goal. You've given your athletes the resources to get there. Are you done? No way! The Coach's job is just beginning! This video explains the necessity of awareness and adaptation in any system of play.

Football Drills: Tail-Ends

This football drill helps maximize the number of reps a Quarterback and receiver get while minimizing the wear and tear on the athletes (QUARTERBACK DRILLS AND TECHNIQUES).

Kickoff Cover

This is not the place to "let the lesser athletes play", you need the guys who can "rack em and break em." See the thought process that goes into developing your kickoff coverage

Head Position

Moving up the body to the head, Coach discusses drills that help the batter see the ball at all times with both eyes. From determining the hitter’s dominate eye to tee drills meant to focus the batter’s eyes on the top of the tee after striking the ball, head and eye position are key to better hitting.

Five Characteristics of a Successful Coach

From innovation to involvement and more. Coaching is an art that takes knowledge and skill. Coach Tillette wraps up this Coaching Philosophy session by discussing the characteristics of a successful leader.

Kickoff Return

This is Coach Harmons "least favorite" part of the kicking game. Hopefully, you only have to do it once per see how to do it right


In this segment balance is the focus, training the batter to properly shift weight from the back leg to the front leg during the swing. The teaching technique in this sequence involves the batter standing at the plate, bat in hand, on a tire training the leg muscles to be properly balanced.

Baseball Pitching Skills: Defensive Goals

Discourage the stolen base attempt. Predetermine pick or pitch. Pick at proper time (with hold or right handed pitcher, with look location for left handed pitcher), never throw pick away (Not attempting to get out, unless it is given). Okay, I feel like I am in an episode of Dragnet. (Baseball Pitching)

The Catcher: The Must Do's

It's one position...that has to watch and communicate EVERYTHING! That's the challenge of catching. From watching base runners for the subtlest of moves, to watching the opposing coaches, catchers are the eyes and ears of the field.

Basketball Strategy: The "Last Second" Play

You've heard Coach Tillette's strategy for creating a successful system of play. Now it's time to put the basketball in motion! This Last Second Play uses tricky trajectory on the pass to throw the defense off balance.

Balance Part II

Further emphasizing balance at the plate, a rubber cord is tied around the hitter's waist putting pressure on the batter as she moves through her swing. With a second coach providing the tension, the hitting coach is able to see how the hitter responds with the added pressure put on her torso during her swing.

Baseball Pitching Skills: Right Handed Pitchers

Things you should know and understand about right-handed pitchers. It's not a complete sentence, but I can understand it. (Baseball Pitching)

The Pitcher: The Second Part of the Dynamic Duo

The pitcher- catcher relationship is key. Both have to have confidence, and the ability to command the situation. The Catcher is calling the game, while the Pitcher is calling the pitch. When they're in synch, a team is hard to beat.

Basketball Strategy: Counter Plays

First up: a Counter to the Spin play. One, three, and five start away with four to the elbows. Screen the middle man in the zone and pass for the lay-up. If the Press is on, you'll find some smooth moves here for the Counter Play.

Swing Techniques

Using a ball on a tee, coach Byerley demonstrates drills that emphasize making contact in the hitter's 'contact zone.' Teaching techniques include wrist technique at the point of contact as well as bat head position in the loading stage of the swing.