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Individual Hitting Mechanics

Any hitting clinic needs to start with a discussion of mechanics so everyone is on the same page. Coach Thomas covers the basis of mechanics he's looking so you'll understand where his baseball hitting drills come from.

Volleyball: Fast Tempo Offense

A fast tempo offense is a great system that lets you play into your strengths and your opponents weaknesses.

Auburn Volleyball: What to Expect

Wade Benson, head volleyball coach at Auburn University covers the background of Auburn Volleyball and looks forward to the coming years.

Coaching Baseball: Developing and Evaluating Assistants - Part One

Coach begins this video series by discussing the most important aspect of choosing an assistance coach. First and foremost character is paramount. Work ethic is also extremely important in selecting an assistant baseball coach.

Softball Hitting Skills: Lower-Body Strength

Hitting Station One focuses on driving the hips and body through the ball. Using a long stick grasped by the elbows behind the back, athletes move hips and body through the swing to maximize the power of the hit.

Developing a Booster Club - Have A Plan

Knowing what you are trying to accomplish is essential to success in everything you do. A booster club's objective must be crystal clear.

Baseball Batting Practice: Small Ball Baseball Drill

Small Ball? C'mon... you coaches know what this is all about. Using an undersized, lightweight ball during batting practice is great for working on eye-hand coordination! Batters learn how to track the ball from the time it leaves the pitcher's hand until the swing (or not to swing, that is the question). The Small Ball Batting Drill can be done with the short toss, the side toss, or with a pitching machine. Doesn't hurt that using an undersized ball makes a real baseball look huge in comparison either!

Coach Ron Polk - Offensive Signal Recognition

This one hour baseball lecture covering offensive signal recognition is broken into segments you can easily view and study.

Outfielder Pre Game prep

Prior to game day your outfielders should know their job and here is how to insure they do.

Pitchers Workloads

What kind of workload is your pitcher under? This video covers the factors you need to know to reduce injury and develop an effective throwing arm (pitching workloads)

Coaching Baseball: Pitch Load and Frequency

Pitch Counts (Pitch Load) is a big topic these days. But, effective pitching is a matter of quantity and frequency - and the impact of both on the pitcher. Monitoring pitch load and frequency are necessary to combat fatigue. Coach discusses pitch load, frequency, strategies to combat fatigue, and much more in this baseball interview.

Underhand Passing

Coach Darling demonstrates sound form and technique you (or your athletes) need to know in order to become excellent underhand passers!

Infield, Outfield, Pitcher & Catchers!

Dirt balls, wild pitches, cuts to 3rd and outfield communication are all practiced in this baseball fundamental drill series video.

Basketball: Catching and Shot Fake Skills and Drills - Part One

Coach Green begins with the fundamentals of catching the basketball. Beginning with the correct catching stance, players learn how to step into the basketball while maintaining momentum for the shot. Once players catch the ball, it's time to learn the Shot Fake. The arms go out and the ball goes up while the body stays down. Smooth moves.

Coaching Softball: Infield Defensive Skills

This softball skills video looks at the fundamentals of infield defense. Proper foot placement on the base for maximum glove extension is essential to successful defense. This, as well as, specific infield strategies are demonstrated in this video segment.

What Builds Consistency?

Building consistency in your football program is a critical part of what must happen to build a program that is competitive year after year.

Defensive Line: Basic Practice

What is a basic practice day for the defensive line and how the coaches coordinate the limited time they have to insure they get the most out of their valuable time.

Coaching the Catcher: Where to Start (baseball catcher stance)

Coach Dunn gives an overview of how to coach catchers, beginning with identifying each athlete's "greatest need." Players learn that a skilled catcher "receives" the ball. Coaches learn how to guide this team player to a level of confidence that allows him to know his weaknesses and what to do improve them.

Baseball Catching Basics

This video discusses baseball catching fundamentals, position, and demonstrates the "Single Ball Drill."

Route Running: Slant and Bubble Routes

This football video focuses on route running. The outside receiver is running a 3 Step Slant Route. The inside receiver is running a Bubble Route. What's the strategy? Isolate the defender and give the Quarterback a choice of receivers.

Football Basics 101 - The Field, The Teams, The Time

Most people know a football field is 100 yards long (excluding the end zone, that is). But, do you know the distance from hash line to hash line on a football field? Learn the basics on field dimensions, player numbers, and game times in this Football 101 video.

Ladder Drills

Ladder drills teach footwork, handwork and coordination. In this offensive lineman drill series, you'll see emphasis on posture and position to help your offensive linemen become better blockers.

Baseball Pitching Skills: Mental Toughness

How much time do coaches spend on the mental part of the game? Coach begins discussing the lack of training spent on the mental aspects of baseball. Maturity plays a large part in developing mental toughness. So, what is the coach's role? You'll find some good advice in this baseball segment.

Mental Preparation

Softball Coach Jay Miller of Mississippi State University covers how to mentally prepare players in order to develop great hitters. (softball hitting or batting).

Eagle Defense: Goals and Philosophy

This football series begins with basic defensive goals and philosophy. The take home message: the defense can win the game. Goals and philosophy will vary for every team, but Coach explains why his defense's primary goal is a shut out. Other good goal discussion along with the importance of a clear defensive philosophy, including practice strategies. Note: more <a href="">eagle defense and other football defense information.</a>

Basketball Skills: Post Moves

Coach Sellers begins coaching on post play in the secondary break transition offense in this segment. A straight run down the middle of the lane to post position is the key to getting a shot at the ball. (Basketball Individual Offense)

3 3 Stack

Start by looking at the film to determine the creases you've got to defend...then you can give your linebackers assignments.


Volleyball Blocking Defense: Footwork Positions

Coach Beyer covers the footwork mechanics of three effective maneuvers utilized in successful ball blocking: The Push, Push Drive, and the Push Slant. Mastering the footwork positions covered in these Volleyball Drills will help a team greatly improve their blocking skills. Beginning in the coiled position and landing on a slant, a player using these blocking techniques correctly can quickly move to the appropriate position for a clean block without interfering with other players. Volleyball Drills.

First and Third Strategy Overview & The Straight Steal

Coach Morgan gives a general overview of First and Third Offensive and Defensive strategies, then demonstrates specific techniques starting with the "Straight Steal."

Warm Up Drills Part I

Coach Russ McNickle of Mississippi State University demonstrates the ÒRussian TwistÓ and sit up warm-ups for catching maintenance in baseball with the medicine ball (catching).

Pushing The Tempo

Pitchers need to be able to field the baseball and Coach Thompson is determined to get the pitchers tempo faster than game speed and to insure they are fielding baseballs.

Rotator Cuff

Baseball players must warm up to prevent injury and this video covers some of the details about making sure rotator cuffs are cared for properly.

The Mediball

Coach Schoenrock shows exercises pitchers can use year round to help strengthen and care for their pitching arm. (Baseball Pitching)

Mound maintenance

Height and slope are critical for the pitchers release point. Plus, some quick daily maintenance to make your mound last longer. (ptiching mound)

Developing Velocity

Ron Wolforth of Pitching Central covers the keys to developing velocity in your pitchers

Mental Side of Pitching

Improving your baseball pitching staff, requires mental preparation in addition to the physical pitching drills.

Football Skills: Post Stem Route Running Basics

In this football skills video kids learn the basics of Post Stem Route Running. It's all in the details as athletes learn how to sink hips, plant the outside foot, and make the turn while running at full speed. This is a great video for young football players.

Football Skills: Defensive Back Drills

Several great Defensive Back Drills are offered in this segment. Starting with proper stance, back peddling, and sticking techniques, these drills progressively incorporate many of the skills need to be an effective Defensive Back. The "45 Degree Break" and the "90 Degree Break" are the drills that put it all together - Stance, Start, Back Peddle, Stick, Cut, Hustle. These are high energy football drills that will fine turn DB skills.



Baseball Skills: Catching Part One

This baseball catching series begins with a short discussion on the catcher's techniques for hiding signals and moves quickly into skills and drills related to the Framing Period. The framing period begins at the point of release of the pitch as the catcher brings his glove into his chest. Coach discusses framing distance around the plate and the importance of framing to the umpire's call.

Basketball: Crossover Skills

Behind the back. Between the legs. Face toward the basket! This drill concentrates on crossover moves at the free throw line. Getting by the opponent and getting to the basket are the objective. Of course, basketball handling skills are essential to keeping the ball as the player works the court. This video works for young athletes learning the fundamentals of basketball.

Football Practice Organization - The Basics

Football practice takes planning. Coach Wright begins with the basics, explaining how each practice is organized to ensure the coaches and players stay focused in order to make the most of practice time.

Baseball: Umpire Positions and Responsibilities - The Slot

Umpire Joe Willis kicks off this baseball video series by demonstrating the basic position and responsibilities of the plate umpire. Willis explains it all, from calling the start of the game to extending the strike zone for the 12 and under players.

O Line: Film Review 1

Each football video is worth watching in this series and you'll see and hear discussions on hand placements, foot position, attitude and more using the days video footage.

BGO Drill progression

As we begin the ball get off drills, teach your defensive linemen to line up as close to the neutral zone as they possibly can. Getting as close to the neutral zone as they can helps neutralize the offensive lineman's first step, giving your defensive lineman an edge. <br><br> In this drill, when the ball moves, the defensive lineman penetrates into the offensive backfield, recognizes a toss sweep, then the defensive lineman redirects flat toward where the ball will be to make the tackle. The redirection is key in this drill, the lineman must learn to get his toe planted into the ground so he can quickly redirect down the line. <br><br> NOTE: This is a "Ball Get Off" drill, so your defensive lineman must look at the ball to know when to fire off so have fun trying to pull them off sides...he shouldn't move till the ball moves! <br><br> Everything isn't a toss sweep, so your defensive lineman must know the keys that scream "pass play"...the offensive lineman getting in a pass block posture is probably clue number 1. This portion of the drill works on recognizing a pass and knowing when the quarterback has decided to pass. Knowledge of these "pass cues" helps your defensive lineman know when to start trying to block the pass and finally when the pass is thrown your lineman practices his redirect toward the football to help make the play.

Softball Sliding Techniques Part One

Coach Townsend discusses various topics related to Sliding skills in this first Softball Sliding Techniques video. Practice techniques, protective gear, injury prevention and treatment, and reading the defense are all part of this information packed segment.

Lineman Fundamentals

This drill series starts at the beginning and covers a balanced offensive line stance so the defensive lineman gets a few hints as possible about where the football is going. Your offensive linemen may end up feeling like basketball players, but they will have a stance that is balanced!

Basketball Drill: Pick and Roll

Use this drill to teach athletes how to set the pick and roll. But, it don't stop there! Setting screens, how to come off the screen, and the essentials of timing are a part of this drill too. Pick and Roll! Screen and Shoot! Twist and Shout! Okay, that last one was mine, but I couldn't resist.

Hand Placement for Defensive Line

The defensive lineman needs to use his hands...punch, power, grab. Your defensive line needs to drive the offensive lineman where he wants him to go.