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Baseball Catchers: Finding the Baseball

When the ball gets past the catcher, you have to have a method to find the ball and recover from the mistake.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Personnel and Style of Play

What kind of people does a really great Head Basketball Coach surround himself with? People who are even better than he is. Once you have quality people, then put in place your Style of Play. Whatever style you choose, make sure you have your offensive and defensives systems down and make sure you keep it simple.

Slip Slant

Your receivers’ work together to create a window your quarterback needs to know when and where to look to get the ball to that window.

Golf Skills: Hitting Shots in Windy Conditions

The golfer may have to make adjustments in ball position, swing style, and even club selection to hit successfully in windy conditions. The object is to make the adjustments necessary to "take the wind out of the shot," so control of the golf ball is maintained as explained and demonstrated in this segment.

Baseball Catching: Throwing the Baseball

Like many things, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Here's a strong way to teach your catcher to throw the ball to get the ball to the base it needs to be at in the minimum time.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Leadership Model - Part One

Coaching is Leadership. To build a successful basketball program, a coach has to be a good leader. Here, Coach Ridder discussed the qualities that a coach needs to be a true leader - on and off the court.

Slip Under

The QB is reading the linebacker, and the receivers are asked to do things just a little bit different.

Golf Skills: Hitting Shots in Wet Conditions

Swinging in the rain? Okay, bad pun, sorry, but there's nothing funny about trying to hit in wet conditions. The swing will be slower and the golfer has to plan on the shot being 20 to 25 yards shorter. The goal is to get the golf ball in to play. Here, Coach discusses swing and club adjustments when water is a factor on the course.

Program Design Factors

You as a coach must determine the top factors in your weight program before you can begin to design an effective system for building strong athletes.

Baseball Catching: Throwing Footwork

The footwork for the catcher changes depending on the type of batter (left handed or right handed) and where the ball is being thrown. Here's a plan for your catcher.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Leadership Model - Part Two

You didn't think leadership was so simple that it could be contained in one video did you? Coach Ridder continues his discussion of the Leadership Model. It's clear that coaching is a profession where Character matters!

Bubble Slant

How a bubble route combined with a slant route creates a window for your quarterback.

Golf Skills: Recovering from a Bad Shot

"The worse thing you can do after making a bad shot is to follow it with a dumb shot." Too often golfers try to "make-up" for the bad shot by making a million dollar shot rather than a good shot that gets the golf ball back into play. In this video, the importance of the mental side of the golf in recovering from errors is discussed.

The Weight Workout

The structure of your weight workout is important for consistency and getting the most out of your workouts and to insure your team is at peak strength during the season.

Baseball Catching: Throwing Drills

Drills sharpen skills, and here's drills to help your catchers improve their throwing skills to the bases.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Practice Planning and Strengthening & Conditioning

If you want a successful basketball program you better go into practice with a game plan. An organized basketball practice includes those "problems" from the practice before and takes time for Strengthening and Conditioning.

Flat Go

The Flat Go Route is a great route to use against cover 3 defenses.

Golf Skills: Follow-Through and Visualization

The proper follow-through is demonstrated in this segment along with discussion of the importance of the follow- through. The discussion then turns to visualization or seeing the golf ball flying down the fairway before you even tee up.

Volleyball Blocking Defense: The Push Drive Slant

Here's an excellent coaching demonstration of a Volleyball Drill for the Push Drive Slant footwork position. This position is used more for middle blockers to close to the outside, or for outside blockers to close to the middle in order to help out other team members.

Baseball Catching: Fielding Bunts

Clean fielding of bunts is critical to throwing the baserunner out at first base. This 5-ball drill teaches the catchers to quickly identify the balls location and then position themselves properly to make the quickest throw possible.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Facilities

Not every basketball program has the luxury of state-of-the-art facilities. But, every program has to have a sense of ownership of whatever facilities it does have. With humor and advice, Coach Ridder talks about the Coach's responsibility to "make the most of what you've got."

Wheel Slant

Effective against both a cover 1 and a cover 2, a wheel slant route depends on your receivers doing a good job.


Friday is a great day for motivation and friday is a day you should consider using to break records and do the fun lifts.

Baseball Skills: Catching a Fly Ball - Communication and the Priority System

In baseball, good communication in the outfield is essential to success. The "I got it!" we hear during the game isn't about ego, it's about communication. The details of on-field communication and understanding the Priority System in fielding the ball are taught in this video which includes a three-man baseball drill to help players fine-tune on-field communication.

Shoot Slant

Still reading the outside linebacker, the window has a place it should be open, but if it’s not you need a contingency plan.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: What Did You Say?

Ridder gives a quick recap, with some thoughtful asides, of the ten things a coach can do to build a Championship Basketball Program.

Corner Under

A good route on the goal line and if your defensive backs have poor communication channels…you’ll be able to capitalize on their mistakes.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Repeat That Please

Coach wraps up his review and then offers some Strengthening and Conditioning Drills he uses with his basketball team.

Fade Route

The “Can’s”, “Cant’s” and things a coach needs to make sure his receivers know.

Agility: Stations and Drills

Agility lends itself to moving your athletes through stations and there are a LOT of different drills you can use at each station. This segment gives an overview of stations and drills for ladders, cones, bags and reaction.

High School Baseball: Off Season Work-Out and College v. Pros

Having a Championship Baseball Team takes a lot of work - even during the Off Season. Coach discusses the essentials of an Off Season Program, including those things you shouldn't work on! Then Coach discusses what the college baseball program offers young athletes who are eager to get to the minor leagues.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: The Joe Dean Special Play

Coach walks us through one of the plays his basketball team uses to make the score. It's a great play, but it's even greater to laugh with Coach as he tells the true story of how his players first ran the play during the game.

Dig Route

This dig route is easy to run if the quarterback reads the free safety.

Offensive Strategy for Countering the Cover Three Defense: Weakenesses

We've heard the strengths of the Cover Three. Now it's time to find the weakness. The four basic weaknesses are covered along with strategies to keep your team on top.

Agility Training: Overtime

Overtime is when your athletes have to reach down and count on their character to win the game. This video covers some "overtime drills" to help build that character.

Coaching Pitching in Youth Leagues: The 10-Year-Old Pitcher

What are the keys to coaching pitching to 10-year-old athletes? How do you teach them the skills they are capable of learning at this age before they lose interest and without burning them out? What the parent's role in helping a young athlete have fun and learn the skills of the game? Coach Rock shares his pitching knowledge and insight on these tough questions.

Building a Successful Basketball Program: Being a Successful Coach

In order to build a successful basketball program, you have to have a coach who is in the profession for the RIGHT reasons. Coach Ridder wraps up his presentation with a passionate discussion of what those reasons are and a compelling story of why he wakes up every day with an appreciation for the opportunity to coach.

Slip Slant

The remainder of this series is coverage demos filmed at a passing camp with discussions of the routes and assignments.

Offensive Strategy for Countering the Cover Three: The Fade Out

Coach uses X's and O's to lay out an offensive football strategy for the different routes that are effective in countering the Cover Three. First up is the Fade Out with a first read to the flat defensive backside.

Agility Training: Expectations and Tidbits

Expecting the best from your athletes and having a tool chest of tidbits, will help keep interest in agility workouts high.

Over Route

Giving the quarterback 1 read and he needs to know what that read is and the receivers need to know their assignments.

Offensive Strategy for Countering the Cover Three: The Wheel Route, The Quick Out, & The Out and Up

The Wheel Route Strategy works well against an aggressive Corner. It's a wide-open route and a one shot deal, but it works. Just remember: NEVER overthrow the Wheel Route!

Agility Training: Some Drills

This segment shows video of many great agility drills that you can use in your program and coach Peduzzi offers insight on the drills as they are show.

Discipline And Changing Your Plan

If you've got a crystal ball, then there's no need for you to watch this segment. If you're like the rest of us, this part is full of important information! (Basketball inbound plays)

Fade Route

Even when the results are 6, studying the tape can help you solve problems and get more from your athletes.

Offensive Strategy for Countering the Cover Three: The Quick Hitch and Y-Sail

Coach covers the reads for these routes and the play variations. You want the Corner vertical so the Quarterback can make the throw successfully.

Golf Tips: What's in Your Golf Bag? - Part Two

How do you determine which clubs to take? That's what you'll learn here. Equipment needs to fit not only conditions, but also the golfer's style of play. Be sure to include a tool for marking your golf ball - you sure don't want a penalty!

Softball Throwing Drills: Follow-Through and Receiving Positions

Elbows high. Fingers in the sky. Wave bye-bye. It's the bye-bye, or the follow-through that makes the throw by determining the spin and velocity of the softball. Coach covers the details of a good follow-through. Then, he discusses how essential a good Receiving Position is to proper throwing. A good athletic stance, both hands in front ready to make the catch, going to the ball, rather than away all contribute to a good catch...and a good catch makes for a good throw.

Travel Teams: Organization

How do you start a Travel Team? You start with good athletes and then you teach them how to play the game. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that, but that's a start. In this segment Coach discusses Travel Team organization from the first parents' meeting to ordering uniforms and making travel arrangements.

Bubble Slant

You’ll see the bubble slant out of trips in this discussion.