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Separate & Tackle

Put it all together to go from the stance to finding the ball to finishing it off with an outstanding tackle (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Basketball Skills: Post Moves

The first step in a successful secondary break transition offense is Positioning. Coach begins the coaching progression used to teach players how to play in the post. Pacing in the low post and the Quick Spin are included as Coach builds on each skill for successful post playing. (Basketball Individual Offense)

1 Second

Still down by 1 - the length of the court in front of you - with only 1 second on the clock. You have a choice: Roll over and die.... or, try this play. (Basketball inbounds plays)

The Rip Move

Get his hand off your man and use your opponents momentum to help your receiver beat him down the field (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Basketball Drill - Three Man Weave

Passing and catching on the move - the way it should be done in a game. The 3-man weave sharpens the skills developed in the previous basketball drills. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Linebacker Skills: Footwork - The Crossover Drill

The crossover drill helps the linebacker develop his footwork, plus its a great drill for the other athletes on your team!

The Linebacker Stance

The beginning of linebacker play, learn the proper stance for your linebackers (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Soccer Basics: Dribbling

When dribbling the soccer ball, it's critical that the plant foot position is correct. The plant foot establishes the direction of the dribble. Then you have to know just how far to kick the soccer ball in order to maintain control. Check out this video for the details on dribbling.

Youth Soccer Drills: "I Can Do This, Can You?"

Maybe. Maybe not. But these young soccer players have a wonderful learning experience trying! This is a great youth soccer drill, excuse me - game - to help kids work on a variety of skills - from toe touches to the "L" move. Kids also have a chance to show off their individual soccer skills. Great game!

Swim Technique

Another weapon your receiver can use to get downfield and away from the defender (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Soccer Skills and Drills: Coerver Drills

Coerver Drills are soccer drills that can be done during team practice time or by individual soccer players on their own. Several Coerver Drills are demonstrated in this soccer video, including the "L" and the "V". Great soccer drills for speed, quickness, and control!

Soccer Basics: The Throw In

There are three basics to the Throw In in Soccer. Know how to set your feet. Know where to release the soccer ball. Know where to throw the soccer ball. Anna shows you just those basics in this video.

Soccer Basics: Passing

"Soccer is a team sport, so you have to know how to pass." Anna discusses and demonstrates the proper way to pass the soccer ball, including positioning for the plant foot and the passing foot, so you maximize the power of the pass.

Soccer Basics: Trapping

Don't wait for the soccer ball to come to you. Go get it! But, do it right. In this segment, Anna demonstrates how to trap the ball using one touch and two touch skills.

Youth Soccer Drills: Dribbling 1

Moving the soccer ball isn't a challenge for the kids involved in youth soccer. Moving the ball WITH CONTROL can be. This simple soccer drill works on basic dribbling and keeping the soccer ball close to your feet.

Youth Soccer Drills: Dribbling 2

In this soccer video, Coach uses another "game" to help these young athletes work on their soccer ball handling skills. Dribbling practice and some subtle toe touch work are the end well as some happy and enthusiastic soccer kids.

Youth Soccer Drills: The Scrimmage

Playtime's over! Not really. This soccer scrimmage game is about skills and competition, but at this age, fun is still the name of the game. (Well, soccer is the name of the game, but you get the idea.) Coach recaps practice at the end to help these youthful soccer players put it all together.

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 8

Working through several plays, Coach discusses the philosophy behind the Ball Screen Offense, including guarding the Dribble Hand-off.

Soccer Skills and Drills: Passing Basics

Passing a soccer ball is more than just kicking it with your foot as any true soccer player or coach knows. What part of the foot is used (and how) to hit the soccer ball determines the type of pass result. This soccer video gives the basics on passing, including footwork and body position, for short and long driving passes.

Linebacker Skills: The Karoki Drill

Moving laterally and staying in a good hitting position as the linebackers move down the line.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Play - Special Situations (1)

You know what they are. Late in the game. Time's running out. Your Offense has to have something prepared to in case there are no time-outs left. Here are two plays for just those situations.

Baseball Skills: Fence Ball on the Ground

The baseball has made it to the fence. How the ball is retrieved and thrown in makes the difference between one base or several (Outfield Drills).

Strike and Drive Drill

The next progression from the "fit and drive" drill (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 5

Coach shows the strategy when ball screens go up against the Hedge. Then, he discusses how to effectively screen when the defender goes under.

Youth Soccer Drills: "The Change Game"

This "game" gets into more realistic competition-like conditions for the youth in this soccer video. With goalies and field players changing on Coach's call, these soccer kids work on all aspects of their game.

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 7

How does this basketball strategy compare when you look at offensive rebounding? The strengths and weaknesses are discussed in this video.

Slant Route

Coach Jones demonstrates the slant route and some things to watch for when using this route (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Soccer Skills: Ball Touch Basics

Octagon Drills are only part of Soccer Practice. Coach discusses general practice organization at various skill levels as this workout moves from the Octagon to basic Ball Touch Drills.

Basketball Strategy: Phases of Offense - Motion (2)

It's "Read and React" for players in the regular Five Man Motion Offense. Keep the basketball and the players out of the corners. Coach draws out the action of the regular Motion and offers a good basketball drill for teaching Motion Offense: the "Two v. Two with Coach" Drill.

Soccer Skills: Ball Touches and Turns

The basics on inside and outside Ball Touches begin this series of soccer drills, then on to Turns! Starting with the common Pull Turn and moving through the Cryuff Turn to Inside and Outside Turns, the players cover the field. As this drill progressives, The basics of the previous drill are added making for a comprehensive ball handling practice.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Play - Special Situations (2)

In this late game play, the key to scoring is in the angle of the screen. This is a "hard to guard" play with two options for scoring - and you go through the whole play to the score in just 4 or 5 seconds!

Coaching Youth Basketball Fundamentals: Catching and Passing

This Catching and Passing Basketball Drill is most effective with partners, but can be performed with a Toss Back or a gymnasium wall. As always, players should begin with a good stance. Coach discusses the stance, the value of a "permanent" pivot foot, and proper passing techniques - for right-handed and left-handed players. Then, Coach turns to Catching skills, emphasizing the importance of teaching athletes to catch the basketball with the eyes first, and follow the ball with the eyes all the way into the hands.

Soccer Skills: Turns, Traps, and Headers

Players work on Turns, Thigh Traps, and Headers while constantly moving through the Octagon. Here's where communication skills can also be put to the test of the Octagon!

Soccer Skills: One Cone Octagon Drills

Once your players have more experience on the field, the Octagon set up becomes a quick and easy way to work players through a wide-range of skills. Using only the center cone as a reference point, players know their mark and hit it as they work through the same series of soccer drills. Great for an away game warm-up!

Fit and Drive Drill

Fit your linebackers in proper tackling form (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Shed Drill, Extend

This drill shows how to shed a block then get to the ball (COACHING LINEBACKERS).

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 2

In this basketball video segment, discussion continues on variations of ball screen offense beginning with the defender making a cut to the strong side.

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 3

Coach discusses his offensive strategy when the basketball goes inside. Players have three spots to fill to make this play work and disrupt the defense.

Special Teams-On-sides Kicks

Executing an on-sides kick can give your football team momentum and great field position. In this football special teams segment, we cover a couple of different ways to kick an on-sides kick. One hint, it takes a lot of practice to kick a football ten yards.

Basketball Skills & Drills: Ball Handling Combination Drills

Combine the ball-handling basketball drills to allow the players to work on the areas they think they need to work on. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Baseball Skills: Catching Part Five

Time for some Curve Balls and Sliders. The catchers demonstrate smothering the ball in response to these pitches. This drill gives the effect of high bounce or curve. The Coach puts Framing and Blocking together in a drill to fine-tune catching skills.

Basketball Strategy: Offensive Play - Dead Ball Situations (1)

Whether it's a time-out or a foul, Dead Ball situations call for entries in the offense. Entries should be quick - trying tot make something happen. Coach offers a great "late in the game" play with multiple scoring options coming off of a Dead Ball situtation.

Baseball Skills: Catching Part Six

Coach ends this video series with a discussion and demonstration of throwing guys out. hen the average runner covers 2 1/2 feet per one-thenth of a second, it's essential that the catcher be on "target" in every aspect in order to get the out.

Coaching Youth Basketball Fundamentals: Shooting Progression

Once youth athletes understand the basic shooting skills, it's time to move to Shooting Progression. Coach takes us through a basketball shooting drill which can be performed with a basket or with a partner. This drill allows athletes to move progressively away from the basket as their shooting skills improve, leading them to making shots comfortably from the Free Throw line.

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 4

How do you guard a ball screen? Starting with the Trap and going to the Switch, Coach maps out the strategy.

Youth Soccer Drills: "Go Fetch"

These soccer balls are flying! And, the kids are running full tilt after them. Returning the ball first with hands, then with feet, these soccer kids have a blast while improving general physical condition, speed, and footwork.

Spread Offense

Spread Offense

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 9 - Zone Offense (1)

Time for a discussion of Zone Offense. The goal is to keep it simple.

Coaching Youth Basketball Fundamentals: Shooting - BEEF

We're not talking Big Macs or Whoppers. Coach takes us through the basic basketball shooting skills using the BEEF acronym: Balance, Eyes on the Target, Elbow In, and Follow Through. Using skills demonstration and simple drills, Coach offers great information for youth basketball coaches and players.

Coaching Youth Basketball Fundamentals: Lay-Ups

Everyone misses lay ups - whether they admit it or not. Coach discusses this shot and demonstrates skills for increasing the accuracy of the Lay-Up, including choosing the proper angle for the shot and using the backboard, dribbling with the outside hand, and being sure your athletes chin the basketball.