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Basketball Drill: Pick and Roll

Use this drill to teach athletes how to set the pick and roll. But, it don't stop there! Setting screens, how to come off the screen, and the essentials of timing are a part of this drill too. Pick and Roll! Screen and Shoot! Twist and Shout! Okay, that last one was mine, but I couldn't resist.

Hand Placement for Defensive Line

The defensive lineman needs to use his hands...punch, power, grab. Your defensive line needs to drive the offensive lineman where he wants him to go.

Football Drills: Defensive Line

This football camp workout focuses on the defensive line. Shade Right Cross Face Left, Inside Out Gap, Shade Left Cross Face Right, and a three point stance to start the drill action. It's about being fast and tight. These drills will show you how.

CrossFit for Conditioning

Cross Fit is working its way into high school strength and conditioning programs. If you're wondering how Cross Fit Training can help your program this is a great clinic to watch.

Volleyball Passing Drills

In volleyball, passing is about body position and motion. These volleyball passing drills start with correct body posture for the pass so players learn to hit out instead of up. Players then progress to body motion: learning to step into and away from the ball. The goal - pass towards where the ball is coming from, not where you want it to be. In other words: Go with the Flow! But....Control the Flow.

Football Offense: Intro

Coach Richt's opening remarks covering his philosophy on coaching and his background that has helped him develop the well oiled football team he runs today.

More Baseball Drills For BBCOR Bat Production

Coach Shoop covers sliding, stealing and base running during offensive batting practice. Using the information in this video your team will be able to maximize the shortcomings of the BBCOR bat.

Softball Philosophy

The ground rules of a team set the tone and you should have your own philosophy, here's the rules the Northwest Florida Softball team. There short, sweet and simple.

Baseball Hitting Fundamentals - An Overview

Small group coaching begins in the first of this baseball video series. These skills and drills of the fundamentals of baseball are aimed at ensuring the fundamentals and mechanics of proper hitting. Safety comes first, then good balance and vision. Coach also discusses the proper grip, balance, vision, and rhythm for effective hitting.

Baseball Batting Practice: Side Toss Hitting Drill

The Side Toss Hitting Drill is a simple baseball drill that allows a coach to work players in pairs. One player is the Tosser and controls the drill. The other is the Hitter. It's the Tosser's job to help the Hitter get the most out of this drill by varying the direction of the toss..

Basketball Offensive Philosophy: The Post and the Perimeter

As a coach, there are three things that you want to ensure your players understand about offensive play. Coach Swing discusses these fundamentals of basketball offense and why they are so essential to successful game play.

Wristband Tidbits

Everyone has their own wristband system and this video gives you a base to work on as you develop your own wristband system. If you can give your team a simple, unbreakable code that can allow them to simply look to the sideline, glance at their wristband then perform his assignment you are way ahead of the game.

Defensive Line: Place The Hands

Part 1 of this football drill works on proper hand placement and eye position for the defensive lineman.

Softball bunting

OK, you've got your feet turned, your fingers are positioned on the bat, your eyes are over the barrel of the softball bat, but the most important thing to remember is that bunting is all about timing. In this softball bunting segment, Jennifer Collins, an assistant softball coach at UAB covers what you need to know to lay down a sacrifice or quick bunt.

Developing Catchers: Begin with a Plan

It is critical that each practice include a plan and a purpose that is understood and followed by coaches and catchers. Coach McNickle discusses the practice plan he uses to develop his catchers and explains why it is critical to the success of the baseball team. Here's more <a href="">baseball catcher drills.</a>

Softball Drills: Small Ball Batting Practice

Using a small wiffle golf ball and a wooden dowel you'll help your hitters develop great hand-eye coordination. Try side toss and hitting the ball like it's thrown from the pitcher. This is a great drill to do in a yard with limited space!

Coaching Football: The Center & Shotgun Snaps

The Center's first priority is to the Quarterback. Coach shows these Centers how to hold the football and position themselves for an effective, powerful snap that hits it's mark.


Coach Gibson gives an overview of what is covered in the offensive line drill set.

Part 1: Baseball Defense

Selling your baseball players on the importance of defense is a tougher than selling the importance of offense to them, here's some techniques you can use to build a better baseball defense.

The Power of a Coach: Is It Important to Make Parents Aware of the Expectations You Have as a Coach?

In this coaching video, UAB Softball Coach Marla Townsend discusses how essential it is to make expectations clear to both parents and athletes. A coach needs to clearly communicate not only expectations, but also goals, in order to have a successful team.

Troubleshooting Hitters - Overview.

In this short introduction to the troubleshooting hitting program, Coach Jack Byerley talks briefly about correcting common problems among hitters, starting with feet positioning and working through the head.

Fielding Questions...

Questions about volleyball are fielded by Coach Lambert, and the answers are not "yes" or "no", but the general thread is "...know your team".

Linebackers: Overview

Developing great linebackers takes hard work all year plus a PLAN to make the hard work pay off. This video covers linebackers and how you can develop and implement your plan.

Your Plan

baseball practice organization requires building your practice plan, and building a great plan takes more time than you get on a short walk to your ball field.

Inside Zone Offense: Introduction to Full Zone and Combo Blocking

This football video series starts with the basics of blocking the Inside zone. Beginning with the angle of the zone step and aiming point of the blocker, Coach Goodyear progresses to the details of the Frontside Combo Blocking strategy.

Past Problems

Chris Boyko talks about the sport demanding strength and endurance and conditioning requires a look into past problems. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Basketball Shooting Skills - Form Shooting

This video segment focuses on form shooting by beginning with a simple basketball shooting drill. The drill then progresses to 3 pointers, shot fake, rip to 2, and a lay up. The drill can be modified for use without the basket itself to allow the whole team to perform these form drill at the same time.

Team Defense

Coach Theokas discusses specific situations that need to be addressed to win games and the U Mass scouting philosophy (basketball team defensive concepts)

Football Conditioning: Warm-up Stretches

In this football video segment, Coach demonstrates proper stretching techniques with Quarterbacks and Wide-Receivers. Stretches should be done correctly to prevent injury to football players and to create muscle "memory."

Zone Step Drills - The Six and Four Step

The most important thing in football offense is the "Get Off," or the steps taken on the snap count to gain the advantage on the defensive lineman. These Zone Step Drills start with the "Get Off" from both a 2-Point and 3-Point Stance. Then Coach covers the "Six and Four" Zone Step, right and left. These are great drills to help young offensive linemen learn the footwork skills needed coming off the line.

Proper Nutrition for Athletes: Hydration

Proper nutrition includes proper hydration. Knowing when to begin hydrating for an athletic event, what to drink, and how much to drink are essential to keeping athletes safe. Dr. Swiger discusses all of this, including what fluids athletes should stay away from before and during the game.

Baseball Skills: The Sacrifice Bunt Basics

Some coaching tips for the sacrifice bunt are offered in this baseball skills video. In this segment Raffo goes into mechanics, position, strategy, and LISTENING. Coach takes these players through it all, including the heel-toe-pivot. (Baseball Offense Bunting)

The Kicking Game

This is an introduction to special teams and what they are and are not

Pitching Q&A 3

The questions continue to come from coaches with no particular topic other than what the audience members want to cover.

Stealing 2nd Base

The 5 things a baserunner must have are covered in this clip. (baserunning)

Passing Fundamentals

One handed basketball passing and skip passing the basketball are fundamental skills every basketball player needs to know. Here are those fundamentals and some basketball drills to burn them into memory.

Program Overviews

Seeing what someone's high school strength program looks like gives you a great place to start your own program. Here's a way you can get results from your plan.

Infield Drills

What can be better than keeping a group of athletes busy while teaching them the skills necessary to get the out? Coach Morgan show you a great drill that will help you do just that!

Coach Introduction

You'll meet Coach Olsen and learn a bit about his philosophy.

Linemans Stance

Starting off correctly is the basis for success, and for an offensive lineman, the stance is where it starts (OFFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

Shoulder Stabilization Drills

Coach Yeager of The Southeastern Line Camp was covers shoulder stabilization drills and exercises to help build effective football linemen.

Building An Offensive Package

This technique helps you find offensive formations that are effective against a defense that you've scouted. These formations rely on a skill based offense where offensive players can be lined up into any formation and the skills they have learned in practice still apply. This technique is very flexible and best of all you don't have to have your opponent completely scouted by Sunday afternoon. This offense relies on wristbands and sound offensive skills and you can change things easily on Tuesday morning or in the middle of the second quarter. As you watch this clinic have a pad and paper handy to take some notes. PS This was an early Saturday morning clinic that was well attended and full of questions...proof that people were eager to hear what Coach Yeager had to say.

The Overhead Float Serve

This volleyball serve is one of the basics. The alignment of feet, hips, and shoulders sets up the proper serve position. From proper weight transfer on approach to hand position at the point of contact, learn the right way to serve the volleyball.

Coaching Your Child's Team

Many of you have been there. Your coaching the team and this year, your own child is one of the athletes. How do you handle it? John Croyle offers advice on how to maintain the chemistry of the team when you're both coach and parent.

Pitching With Your Fastball

Coach Weinstein covers things that have worked for his pitching staff when throwing the fastball. The fastball is your pitchers critical pitch because no matter what pitch your pitcher throws, the pitch should leave the pitchers hand looking like a fast ball. This video is full of information you need to teach the fastball and then use it as the basis for any other pitch your pitcher throws.

Initiating the Approach

How do you initiate the approach for maximum energy so that you land loaded to jump? With a forward press posture of course! I knew that! Well, I do now anyway, thanks to Coach Underwood. Watch as Coach takes us through the motions - feet, hips, shoulders, hands - correct posture is a must for setting up a successful hitting approach.

Zone Blocking: The Track

Zone blocking is a powerful blocking scheme for your offensive linemen and this video covers techniques your offensive linemen can use to handle a track situation when they are zone blocking.

Coaching Basketball: 3 Plays

Starting with a standard looking 1-3-1 basketball offense, we can create a vacuum in the defense that gives your team a shot and chance to score.

Basketball's Match-up Defense: Fundamentals

Coach Ciampi gives an overview of the Match-Up Defense Strategy in this first basketball video. The strengths of the Match-Up Defense? Pressure on the ball. Minimize second chance points. Take away the inside passing lanes. "Non-shooters" get a shot with the basketball. It's an aggressive defense that drives the action with a team centered approach to play.

Fielding on the Glove Side

Fielding the ball on the glove side is important to developing great infielders, coach polk demonstrates proper fielding mechanics and the shows the reasons the ball should be fielded on the glove side. ( Fielding Fundamentals )