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Defensive Line Strategies: Locking Out the Reach Block

"Fight pressure with pressure." That's the basis of this football defensive technique. Coach demonstrates how to "lock out" the Reach Block. Beginning from the Fit Position, Coach walks us through arm and hip position for successfully controlling the offensive lineman.

Football Skills: The Windows Drill

This Football Drill is designed for the 3 Receiver Route. The coaching goal is to help athletes realize the progression of the route and where the first, second, and third options are. This is a Quarterback and Wide Receiver Drill that will help your athletes learn to use their eyes and know what to look for.

Football Defensive Philosophy

A good defensive position player needs to concentrate on the position, have good eyes on the field, staying on his feet, know how to "shock, block and shed".

Football Drills: Basic Footwork Skills

Yeah, yeah, yeah, do the Football Shuffle. What, you, prefer Karaoke? Well, this video has that too - and more. Try the Angle Run. Now try it (gasp) backwards! These basic football warm-up drills are great for athletes at all levels.

Coaching Youth Basketball Fundamentals: Shooting - Holding the Basketball

What? Holding the basketball? How hard can holding a basketball be? Maybe should have said holding the basketball CORRECTLY. Often young players just don't know how the correct way to hold the ball. Coach demonstrates how to hold the basketball correctly, then discusses finding the "shooter's pocket". For younger athletes, lowering the shooter's pocket will allow more leverage when shooting.

Staying In Control at the Plate: Choking Up on the Bat

Every inch a softball player chokes up on the bat you get 10% more control on your bat. After discussing choking up and the conditions where a greater choke is needed, Coach moves on to the problems of "casting" when hitting the softball.

New to Coaching? Let's Get Started!

First-time coaches often wish the net was under them instead of across the court. Coach Richardson shares some tips with new coaches on learning resources and mentoring - and the value of listening to new ideas no matter how long you've been in the coaching corner.

Coach Joey Jones: Wide Receiver Drills

Coach Jones discusses receiver play and shows some of his favorite football drills to help insure great wide receiver routes are run.

Spread Offense: What is it?

Averaging 35 points per game is a good reason to think you've got a good offense. Coach Hudspeth covers his offense in this series.

Football: Defensive Strategies - Part One

Coach Strong begins this football video series by reviewing his college football coaching history. With vast experience at various high level universities, Coach has learned that regardless of the great players you have at any given time, it comes down to building a successful football program. That includes helping players in reach their full abilities.

Practice Organization

An organized practice takes using all your coaches and all of your field space and not wasting any time. Using preset fundamental drill series Coach Shoop works infielders, pitchers, outfielders and catchers at the same time.<br><br> <a href="/store/">The Baseball Playbook by Coach Ron Polk (with the bat at home plate) covers fundamental drill series in depth.</a>

Tennis Skills: The Importance of Mental Toughness

During a tennis match, there's a lot more time when players are NOT hitting the ball than when they are. What players think about during those times can make for success or defeat on the court. Coach Swindoll introduces the importance of the mental game of tennis based on James Loehr's "Twelve Key Points of Mental Toughness."

Performance Programs - Strengthening & Conditioning

This series begins with general discussion regarding the age at which an athlete should begin a performance program. The discussion continues to include how a program is individualized with age being only one factor. The primary goal is injury-risk reduction.

Introduction To Recruiting

Coach Byerley gives us a brief overview of the recruitment process and what you should expect.

Two Point Stance

Another must-know stance for a running back, this video shows the fine points of the two point stance.

Introduction to Specialty Plays: Playing the Game to the End

It's late in the game. You have a chance to score - if you've taught your players to "play the game to the end." In this overview of basketball specialty plays, Coach Marshall emphasizes the need to use time-outs effectively and to communicate explicitly with players..... especially when the clock is winding down.

Resistance Band Training

Resistance Band Training offers a great, low cost alternative to some weight training to build strength in legs and upper body. Coach Tillette covers several exercises that help you get the most out of this indispensable piece of equipment.

Basketball Shooting Basics and Drills

Basketball Shooting Basics start out this video set. Footwork, arm position, and follow-through are a few of the fundamental basketball skills covered here. Whether you're coaching basketball or just want to improve your shot technique, these basics and simple chair drills will give you a great shot at success.

Olympic Lifts: Power Lift Zones

A areas of your lifting movement are different and you must adjust your lift speed accordingly. This section has white board diagrams backed up by live demonstrations.

Football Drills: Speed Rush Part One

Coach Chris McDougal leads his athletes through a series of defensive football drills in this football video series. The objective is to clear the defensive lineman to clear the offensive lineman's hands.Using a rip, swipe, or club, these football players learn the techniques for a winning speed rush.

Basketball Offensive Skills - L Cut to Get Open

Coach Robert Moore leads thes players through a drill that works on the L Cut to get open. It's L Cut, square, bounce, and shot. Coach demonstrates ball handling and getting to the right angle to bank the shot. Separation from the defender is essential to the shot and Coach shows these young basketball players just how to do that in this fast paced drill.

Football Skills and Drills: The Safety - Backpeddle and Break

These football drills put the free safety to work. Coach John Pledger works with these young athletes on the Backpdeal and Break. The Reaction Drill helps players learn how to increase Backpdeal speed while reading the action to make the break. Breaking at an angle, straight back, or turn and go are all covered in this football drill.

Volleyball Recruiting

If you're a star and have people knocking on your door 24/7...don't watch this video. However, if you're a good player and have a desire to play volleyball at the next level, this is a great video to watch.

Soccer Skills: The Pass Kick

The Pass Kick is utilized on the field when your teammate is close and accuracy is a must. This soccer technique is not a power move, but relies on skill and accuracy to make its mark. Coach discusses the approach, kick, and follow through, while emphasizing foot position and balance. This drill can be done at soccer practice or at home. Coach even suggests going through the motions without a soccer ball! This is a great skills and drills exercise for young players.

Strength Philosophy

Your philosophy guides your actions and your teams philosophy needs to be reflected in the weight room. This is a discussion on bringing your field philosophy into the weight room.

The Role of the Parent: How Do you Handle a Child Who Wants to Quit?

How do you handle a child who wants to quit after the season begins? Why does it matter if your child quits? John Croyle gives advice on why it's so important for young athletes to develop the habit of following through on commitments - whether in sports or in other challenges of life.

Training Athletes: Why Recovery Time is Essential to Success

No coach wants to be blamed for losing because athletes weren't worked hard enough. But, working athletes too hard with inadequate Recovery Time actually decreases performance levels. Dr. Bishop explains the physiology of training athletes and the necessity of Recovery Time.

Field Maintenance: Resources

Maintaining a baseball field is a lot of work. It can be even tougher at the high school and youth league level where resources can be hard to come by. Coach offers practical tips for identifying resources and organizing players and parents to assist with field maintenance.

The Ant Video

Remember that song we used to sing as kids? "Once there was a little old ant, who thought he'd move a rubber tree plant..." We educated, enriched humans often forget the power that is found in sheer determination. We are too often focused on what others think, or how we look as we do what we do. This Ant has a lot to teach us - and he does it without saying a word. The Ant Video is back! This is one of the greatest motivational videos of all time, because it is reality - not hype. Success doesn't mean you win. Success means you DO NOT quit. This video speaks volumes to those that want to succeed in any area of life.

Football Skills: Running the Inside Zone

There are lots of ways to run the Inside Zone, but the concept is still the same. In this football skills video, Coach begins with the approach when running the Inside Zone. Using a reach step and a drive step, Coach demonstrates the correct techniques for making the play. This football video is great for the more advanced player, but can be helpful to beginners too.

What Do Coaches Look for When Recruiting Athletes?

The answer may surprise you. It's not all about skill. In this video Coach Marla Townsend of UAB Softball gives High School Athletes tips on how to be noticed by college coaches regardless of the sport. Townsend also shares the many opportunities that are available for young athletes at various levels of play, and explains what coaches look for in athletes when recruiting.

Student Athletes: Choosing a College - Division Three

Basketball Coach Tony Duckworth of Huntingdon College discusses Division Three athletic programs in this video segment. While it's true that Division Three schools don't offer athletic scholarships, Coach discusses the other scholarship opportunities available to students. Coach also discusses recruiting high school athletes for Division Three and commitment to coaching style based on philosophy rather than entering students.

Floor Warm Up Part 1

This series of warm-up exercises is demonstrated to help your athletes warm up and build muscle memory that will help them improve their speed, balance and reduce their chance of injury.

Youth Sports Seminars

Greg Patterson, Director of the Huntsville Park and Recreation Department and a former high school coach, talks about why educating parents that have kids playing in youth sports is important.

The Role of the Parent: What's Important to Your Child?

Do you believe it's important to your child to win the game? Probably. But, have you asked? Maybe there are more important things - like enjoying playing. It's the parent's job to ask what's important...and to listen to the answer.

Overcoming Hurdles

College and High School strength coaches have many of the same general problems.

Overview Of Liberty University Strength

Gains are the measure we use to gage a program success, but even if you have a great program and the kids avoid the won't get the strength gains you should

Pass Protection: Punch Phase

If the offensive line just had to worry about the defense coming straight at them pass protection would be easy...but football isn't like that! This series of drills covers techniques your offensive linemen can use to defeat the defenders.

Basketball Skills: Movement Drills

Movement Drills are essentially Individual Work-out Drills. In this video Coach to basketball players during individual work-out drills. Pivots, shooting, follow-through, release, and various other skills are covered. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Quarterback Read

What the Quarterback needs to read when he comes to the line of scrimmage and what you as a Coach can do to make his ability to read a defense more effective.

Center Quarterback Exchange

Pressure. Push. Pull. This video starts with the stance and then covers the fundamentals of the exchange between the quarterback and center.

The Power of a Coach: Which Coach Had the Greatest Influence on You?

John Croyle discusses the coaches that had had the most influence on his life, as an athlete, a person, and a parent. From his high school basketball coach who had unwavering belief in his athletes to Coach "Bear" Bryant's strong leadership, it's clear coaches make a difference!

Metabolic Function in Athletic Training: VO2 Max and Lactic Acid

Dr. Phillip Bishop discusses two metabolic functions that have made their way into athletic training in an often misunderstood way: VO2Max (maximal oxygen uptake) and Lactic Acid production. Dr. Bishop discusses both, explaining their relationship to training and separating the myths from the realities.

Coaching Soccer Skills: The Finishing Kick

In Soccer, the Finishing Kick is one of the hardest to coach and to learn. You are trying to kick the ball with lots of power, yet keep the soccer ball low. Coach demonstrates how to use body weight and movement to maximize the power of the kick while maintaining accuracy. The slow motion shots emphasize the skill of this Soccer Finishing Kick.

Block Reaction Drill Overview

The drill is discussed in detail with all of the linemen so everyone understands how the drill works. The drill is modified for each football player depending on the down lineman position and technique the lineman normally plays.

Basketball: The Importance of a Sound Coaching Philosophy

In this introduction to coaching basketball offense, the importance of developing a sound philosophy and sticking to it is discussed. Calling on the words of his mentor, Coach John Wooden, Coach Gottfried stresses that a coach should "teach what you know and know what you teach."

Baseball Pitching Skills: Offensive Goals of the Running Game

Advancement of runners (scoring position), disruption of pitch plans...creating more fly balls, division of mind set (lower % of located pitches), defensive movement (infield holes, catcher "coming up", etc.). CLASSIFY RUNNERS (lineup, position, state, physical, situation). Plus (+) runners, Count runners, Non-runners . HUH?! If you know baseball, you know what this means. If you don't, watch and learn! (Baseball Pitching)

Ball Call and Take Off

This segment teaches your defensive linemen to yell "ball" when the center touches the football, and it shows the correct way to take off (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Basketball Drills: Three Man Weave, Sideline Pass, Partner Passing

Auburn University's Basketball Camp is the setting for these basketball passing and catching drills. Coach JoJo Cadray shows these athletes how to move the basketball: from man to man and down the court. The Three Man Weave Drill, the Sideline Pass Drill and the Partner Passing Drill are great for learning proper spacing and changing sides. These drills help athletes "see the floor" as they handle the ball and sprint to the basket for 2 points. Hoop! There it is!

Coaching Football Offense: Runningback Drills

Here you'll find football drills for offensive runningbacks.