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Golfing Skills: Golfer Vesus Course - The Ultimate Challenge

Golf Course Management

Strength and Agility

To build bigger, faster and stronger athletes, you must understand the basics of your game and you've got to understand how the body stores and uses energy. This segment gives you those building blocks to help you build agile athletes.

Golf: Tee Placement

The rules of golf allow a golfer to tee the ball up within two clubs lengths of each tee marker within a straight line. This allows for a little more flexibility in determining the best location to tee up. Ches Harris explains the rules on tee placement and offers advice on how to select tee placement based on individual golfing skills.

Coaching Soccer: Kicking Drills

This soccer drill utilizes the Pass Kick, Crossing Kick, Finishing Kick , and Trap to give players game-like action while honing their over-all skills. Coach focuses on the moves to the endline, but also demonstrates strategic player position once the endline is reached.

Soccer Skills: Header Basics

This heading progression starts with the basics and point of contact: use your forehead, have your eyes open, and have your mouth closed. Coach takes this player through a soccer drill progression that focuses on beginning skills for headers. The difference in the focus for defenders and offenders is discussed for incorporation into practice organization also.

Soccer Skills and Drills: Passing

This soccer drill progression begins with simple passing (and receiving). Progressing to the next drill, you see the soccer player "check away" after a one touch pass. Advancing to the next drill, players practice passing under pressure (also good a good drill for general conditioning). Then, by adding shielding to the drill, athletes can hone their soccer skills for possession under pressure. But hey, no pressure here, watch these videos any time, like

Soccer Skills: Offsides Rule and Offsides Position

Coach Sharp explains the Offsides Rule and Offsides Position in soccer, including strategies for avoiding an offsides call. Coach then puts these young soccer players into action working on moving the ball and preventing the Offsides call.

Tennis Skills: Singles

What are the keys to a successful tennis player? First, consistency - keep the ball in play. Second, find your opponent's weakness and work it to your advantage. Third, Play Cross Court Tennis - make your opponent do the running! Fourth, watch this video. Um.... sorry, but I'm sure that's one of the keys to being a successful player.

Volleyball Footwork Drills: The Final Approach

Continuing to focus on the last two steps to the ball, the Attacker starts this drill with the hand in attack position. At the toss, it's two steps right-left to the ball (for leftys it's left-right, of course), a hit to the wall and a bounce to the Shagger. This drill is great for balance and proper positioning.

The Outlet Push Drill

The Outlet Push Drill puts players through their paces as they practice getting the ball out quickly off the defensive rebound to the outlet man. Push the ball up the court. Fill the lanes. Look to Jump Stop. Make the right read and transition. Bounce Pass....and hopefully get the Lay-up! Add to all that some challenging passing situations and you've got a workout!

Softball Skills: Bunting Basics

First event...bunting basics. In this first, game, athletes learn proper softball bunting techniques. Working the right and left side of the field, improving bunting skills is the objective of this event.

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 1

Coach Self discusses the Ball Screen strategy he uses at the University of Kansas. Simply put: whenever "big" ball screens on a "little," the outside big automatically fills the weak side block.

Clip 1

Coach Gordie Gillespie uses his knowledge and passion of baseball to offer this effective approach to coaching Pitching Mechanics. Beginning with the fundamentals, Coach discusses the "teachable" skills involved in pitching, and the essential secondary skills that develop as a result. This baseball video series is packed with information and practical techniques that are great for coaches and pitchers at any level of play. The approach is simple, practical, doesn't cost a lot of money, and best of works! This teaching progression on pitching gives you mechanics, drills, and the "home-made" tools to help you get your pitchers to the top of their game.

Golf: Short Game

Differences on pitching, chiping, and hitting flop shots. 30 yd shot onto a tight pin and then a 40 yd shot. Pitch shot and chip shot - difference. Pitch will appear to be longer because hands will hinge.

Heat Related Illness

Heat is a killer that most of us know way too little about. From Heat Cramps to Heat Exhaustion to Heat Stroke - each stage of Heat Related Illness has distinctive symptoms. Responding quickly AND correctly is essential. Learn the signs and symptoms of Heat Related Illness and each stage and how to treat them. A MUST SEE for everyone.

Soccer: Goalkeeping Skills - The Scoop

Coach explains and demonstrates the skill of scooping the ball to prevent the goal. Beginning with a simple scoop action and incorporating sliding, shuffling, and body positioning, Coach covers her bases, goal in this soccer video.

Ole Miss Soccer Camps

Coach Holeman discusses the soccer camps offered by the University of Mississippi. The ages and dates are discussed, as well as the make-up of the faculty. Great for parents and youth coaches looking for learning opportunities for young soccer players.

Golf Skills: The Mental Side of the Swing

The first step to a confident swing in golf is to "accept the shot." In this video segment, the focus is on the mental side of golf and making the successful shot, even in the face of obstacles. The golfer needs to be able to set up over the whole shot, see where you want to hit, then make a nice, comfortable accelerated golf swing right up target line and to your target.

One-on-One Doubles: Introduction

Coach Krass introduces us to One-on-One Doubles and explains some of the many benefits of this style of play. Through One-on-One Doubles, players isolate the serve, return, and volley. The result is a very competitive, yet developmental game of tennis.

Golf Skills: Ball Position

In this first segment, Coach focuses on ball position at the tee in relation to the golf club and the golfer's body. The position of the golf ball varies depending on the golf club used and the individual swing style of the golfer as demonstrated in this video.

Youth Quick Start Tennis

Quick Start tennis is designed to help younger players learn and enjoy tennis by making age appropriate adjustments to the playing area and equipment.

Exercises for Limited Court Space

When court space is limited, these rally ball and footwork drills keep all players involved and active, and help to increase racket head speed.

The Role of the Parent In Sports: What Do You Do If Your Child's Interest Are Different Than Your Own?

When John Croyle's son was born he looked built for football. But, what if he had wanted to play in the band instead of on the field? Croyle shares his insight on the parent's responsibility to help children find and follow their strengths.

Soccer Skills: Fake Trap with a Pullback

Soccer Coach David Sharp demonstrates a Fake Trap with a Pullback in this soccer coaching video. This strategy is effective when another player and an opponent are coming toward the soccer ball from the opposite direction. Allowing the ball to pass between the legs without stopping movement gives the player a step or two on the opponent. The Pullback then allows for the 180 degree trap that will put the ball back on course toward the goal. Great drill for soccer players of any age.

Soccer Skills: One v. One Defense - Part One

When a defender meets the attacker one on one, the defender has to take control. Not of the soccer ball, but of the movement. Here, Coach Getman demonstrates how body position forces limits the attacker's options - and maximizes the defender's opportunity to prevent the goal.

Coaching Tennis Mechanics: Start with the Fundamentals

The most common technical problems coaches see in young players involve Grip, Preparation, or Footwork. Coach Hill demonstrates some practical and effective coaching approaches you can use to help young players learn these basic, but essential technical aspects of tennis.

Youth Soccer Drills: Practice Warm-Up

With youth soccer players especially, keeping all aspects of the game fun, even practice warm-up, is essential. Here, Soccer Coach Scott Spencer turns warm-up into a fun exercise requiring a quick mind and quick feet.

Golf Tips: What's in Your Golf Bag?

Having everything needed for an effective game is essential. Having the clubs you need in your bag, along with other essentials, is a must. Clubs need to be chosen carefully according to the course. Coach talks about how to "pack your bag" based on multiple factors from the course to the weather.

Your Chip Shot

Your chip shot needs to take into account several variables including the wind.

Tactical Positioning at the Net: Skills and Drills

Tactical Positioning at the Net is the key to success in Doubles. It's about strategy... and skill - returning every ball until you make the hit your opponent can't return. These Tennis Drills are great for fine-tuning the skills players need to do just that!

Scott Spencer VO for tape 6054

Scott Spencer VO for tape 6054

Single left field hole

No runners or a runner on third

MCO Overview

Single right field

Baseball defensive situations with runners on first and second.

Sure double right field runner on first

Baseball defensive situations: sure double right field runner on first

Single left field

Runners on first and third

Rotation Defense -Court Action

I really dig this set of volleyball videos. (Thought you were going to get away without any more puns, didn't you? Ha!) Time to take the rotation defense to the court for some play by play action. Time for you to watch a video.

Double, Left center field. Runner on first base

follow the animation for this baseball defensive situations and teach it to your team so you can be back on the offensive as quickly as possible!

Single right field

Runners on first and third

Perimeter Defense - Court Action

The lines have been drawn have been drawn on the perimeter defense. Let's see what it looks like on the court. Players move from base to read position as Coach walks us through the defensive response for each angle of attack.

Double right center field, runner on first

Double right center field, runner on first

General Principals Of Baseball Infield Drills

Sometimes coaches do all the same baseball drills but some teams click and other baseball teams struggle through the drills. Often, it is the principals that guide the baseball drills that make the difference.

Single Leftfield, runners on first and second

Baseball defensive situations sure single left field, runners on first and second.

Single center field hole

Baseball defensive situations with runners on first and third

Hitting The Baseball: Things to be aware of

Here's a hit list of things to be aware of, and the reason you should be aware of them to hit the baseball consistently and with power.

Live at Bats

The best way to be ready for a live at bat, is to do live at bats. How can your baseball players get more live at bats? Here's some ideas to get as many live at bats as possible.

Single center field, runners on first and second

baseball defensive situations, single center field, runners on first and second

Two Stop

Getting the bat down to the ball and actually making contact. This clip shows the "2 stop" position and brings out coaching points to reinforce the lessons taught here. (hitting or batting)

Double Left field, runner on first

Baseball defensive situations double left field, runner on first

Hitting: More Examples

Troubleshooting your hitters is what this series is all about, so bear with the sound and you'll find some great tips for troubleshooting your baseball hitters.