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Softball Hitting Skills: The Barrier Drill

Hitting Station Six: The Barrier Drill. This Barrier Drill is used to teach players how to properly swing without casting the bat backward.

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Golf Tips: 100 Yards and In - Part Two

Looking at shots in the 40 to 65 yard range, Coach looks at the back swing and follow through. Then, shots are made from various course positions, as Coach discusses club selection and swing.

Baseball Baserunning - Bringing the Run Together

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Here Coach brings all the components of a good base run together. Reminding players not to cheat the swing just to begin the run, Coach has these athletes drill from the point of the swing through the first base run.

Double Slot Speed Sweep Right

Add this play to your football playbook to move the ball around the right side from a double slot formation.

Drills You Can Use To Increase Performance

Drills need to be modified because bat performance is different and here are some ideas for base running drills that will help you read the BBCOR bat.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Second Chances

Believe or not, though the rules are real and the consequences should be consistent, there are times when a coach can, and should, give a player a second chance. Coach discusses when to draw the line and when to consider second chances.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Philosophy and Goal Setting

In this final baseball video segment you'll find information of the importance of developing a philosophy and sticking with it. Coach wraps up with a discussion of goal setting - daily, seasonally, yearly, and personally. Coach ends with an incredibly touching story about the importance of building relationships - between coach and players and between players.

Baseball Infielding Fundamentals: The Airplane

What do airplanes and fielding a baseball have in common? The fundamental principles of speed and control. The Infielder has to get to the ball in a hurry, but slow down on the "final approach" to regain the control necessary to make the catch. Coach demonstrates the effectiveness of speed, control, and proper arm-glove position.

Baseball Coach Sammy Dunn: Throwing Fast Balls

Head baseball coach at Vestavia Hills High School introduces himself and some of his players then discusses the basic grips for throwing fast balls. (pitching)

Volleyball Footwork Drills: Feet to the Ball

In this footwork drill, volleyball players work on getting their feet to the ball so that they are in a better position to make a good attack. The Tosser sets the drill in motion and the Attacker uses three steps to get in position for a head shot - literally.

Baseball Skills: Bunting - The Benefits

Baseball is about strategy. Bunting is one of the ultimate strategies. This video gets to the "meat and potatoes of the sacrifice bunt." In this introduction to bunting, Coach discusses the positive impact bunting can give your baseball team, and touches on the definitive gains a baseball team will have when using effective bunting strategies. (Baseball Offense Bunting)

Long Tee Drill

The "Long Tee" helps the hitter stay on the ball. (hitting or batting)

Bat Size

There is a technique to picking the proper size bat for a hitter to use, and things may change as the season wears on and hitters get tired. (hitting or batting)

Baseball Truths: Section 3

Back to the feet with "Nugget" 40, moving to your hitters ego then through the rest of the nugget list.

Med Ball Throws

Remember the day of tensing up and taking a med ball throw in the stomach? Well, we still throw med balls, but they are smaller and the throws have a purpose.

Movement Patterns of Pitchers

To create an armor plate for your pitchers body requires drills and exercises. But before you start picking drills for your pitcher you must understand his movement patterns as they relate to pitching arm care.

Knowing Your Pitcher

Your pitcher needs to be able to throw the baseball where you need it thrown, but YOU as a coach need to know what your pitcher is capable of. If you can learn your pitchers strengths and weaknesses, you can win even when you don't have a great inside pitch.

Two-Way Baseball Players

The kids that pitch and play another position need to be treated differently than the kids that just play one position. You have to know your kids, but here's some ideas.

Coaching Baseball: Team Building - Discipline

The more organized a coach is the better the discipline on the team. "Consistency breeds respect," is Coach's philosophy. Coach shares personal stories that demonstrate the importance of setting clear rules and being consistence with the consequences. Tips on rule-making, including development of policies.

Baseball Signs And Signals: I Don't Give a Darn!

That's not just the shortstop's name.... it's exactly what players will think if a coach's signals cause confusion more than giving direction. Coach Polk gives some tips on how to keep signals to a minimum while keeping communication at a maximum.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Who to What to I Don't Know

Early in the count. No jump. No go. The steal is on. Don't leave your batter asking who, what, or feeling like he doesn't know the plan. Coach Polk goes through the options and related baseball signals that will keep the batter swinging...or not... depends on the signal.

Baseball Signs And Signals: The "Take" Sign

(Okay, so I ran out of Abbott-and-Costello-ish titles.) It's 2 and 0. You want the Hit and Run. Got to take the "Steal" off and put the "Hit and Run" on. Coach demonstrates the "take sign" and discusses ways to minimize excessive signaling so that players stay focused and alert.

Building A Baseball Pitching Staff

Building depth in your baseball pitching staff isn't easy, especially when you get the kids that happen to live in your neighborhood. But whatever kids you have, there are things you can do to build the depth of your baseball pitching staff.

Baseball Signs And Signals: I Don't Know ...Third Base

If your athletes don't know, then they've forgotten their responsibilities in the game. It's not just a game of watching for the right sign. Players have a responsibility to know the "no-brainers" of the game - and the confidence to make the call.

Baseball Signs And Signals: Indicators and Disguises

Wow! Look at those hands go! It looks so complicated! Ha! Most of those moves are meaningless. Coach explains which signals mean action - and how to use signals to "misdirect" the opposition.

12 Yard True Curl

Here we see demonstrated a true 12 yard curl route (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Low and Away

The bad pass is a fact. This football drill works on catching the ball that is thrown "low and away" (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Hitting Fundamentals Part Three

This video continues with various baseball hitting drills. The Swivel Tee Drill lets players practice hitting various types of pitches. Body position, shoulder rotation, and balance are demonstrated while hitting an outside ball, a fast ball, a curve ball and more.

Hitting Fundamentals Part Four

Coach discusses why the size of the baseball bat is so important to proper hitting in this video segment. Using the proper size bat, Coach then goes over some Soft Toss Drill. It's coil, stride, and hit as Coach hits various pitches varying his rotation accordingly.

Outfielder Game Day Prep

Break your outfielders routine into pre-pitch, time of pitch and post pitch and you'll see fewer mistakes and more outs.

Baseball Baserunning - Power Step Out

In this baseball skills video the proper technique for making the first "power push" or power step out of the box is demonstrated. Coach discusses the importance of core strength to the power of the push. Foot position, hip position, and the pivot on the step are demonstrated as well.

The Elite Strikeout Artist

<p>A pitchers ability to generate strikeouts can be developed, but you have to have a pitcher with potential and a sound development plan.</p> <p>Coach Foxhall covers the 4 areas your pitcher needs to develop if he is going to join the elite strikeout artist club.</p>

Blast Release

Getting off the line and getting to the outside, the Blast Release is shown here (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Hard Ball Drill

This drill works on catching the pass thrown close and hard, then progresses to catch a ball thrown anywhere so that after perfect wide receiver routes are run the football is caught.

Hitting Fundamentals Part Two

Time for some baseball drills! Coach uses an angled tee to help athletes practice good hitting techniques. In this "Stop the Bat" Drill players progress through the various phases of hitting up to the point of contact with the baseball.

Softball Skills: Slap Hitting Drills

First using a tee drill, players work on slap hitting. The tee allows players to isolate the contact position and work on follow-through. The Front Toss Drill continues slap hitting work, but adds footwork to the practice session.

12 Yard Curl

Not really a true curl route, here we see the first of Coach Jones favorite 5 step wide receiver routes (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Vertical Release

Starting with the proper stance, this clip shows the Vertical Release (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Getting Free

Keeping from getting tangled up by a "bump and run" defender, helps get your receivers open (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Low and In

As the name says, a drill to learn to catch the pass that is low and inside (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS).

Single center field, no runners or a runner on third

Baseball defensive situations single center field, no runners or a runner on third

Burst Release

Not used as often as the Blast Release, this shows getting to the inside using a Burst Release (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS AND ROUTES).

Batting Tee

Your athletes should have a purpose each and every time they swing at a baseball on a batting tee. Inside pitch, outside or down the middle each require a different tee placement.

Up and Away

Practice reaching for that pass that is not thrown to just the right spot (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS).

Single right field hole, no runners or a runner on third

Single right field hole, no runners or a runner on third

Hitting Fundamentals Part Five

Short Screen Drills use a shorten batting cage to simulate game velocity and reaction time to hit ball. These drills incorporate the visual work of hitting as players learn to read the pitcher's arm to anticipate the pitch.

Distraction Drill

The defender can not always touch the ball, but he will try! Do not let a harmless distraction stop your completion (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS).

Jump Ball Drill

No, its not basketball, but sometimes the ball belongs to the man who can jump the highest (WIDE RECEIVER DRILLS).

Coaching Basketball: The Zone Offense Part Ten

So what happens with the "BC" if the "right" man doesn't get the basketball? No problem! Five screens (a lot!) and Three and Four hustle! The options keep going..and going...and going.