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It is the conclusion...but there are a lot of good things a coach should know here so do not skip this part (linebacker drills)!

Fungo Series

Count hops, 4.8 runner vs 4.2 runner (infield)

Playing the Pass

This drill simulates the QB making a lane 1 action and lets the linebacker get his hands on the football (linebacker drills).

Sled Drills

The one man sled is a great tool, this drill helps the linebacker learn to lock um up then find the ball (linebacker drills).

Alignment of the 4-3 Defense

Coach Burrow covers alignment the he looks for from his defense and covers the main jobs of each linebacker (linebacker drills).

Developing Catchers: Bounce Drills

Variations of the Bounce Baseball Catcher Drills are shown in this video. The first is a receiving drill for the low pitch. The second bounce drill includes a tag play. The Wall Drill is for receiving, blocking, and throwing and helps players learn to react more quickly as they read the ball coming off the wall.

Spread Offense

Spread Offense

Building Your Program: Get Good

To start, you need to pick something and get GOOD at that thing, then build on that success.

Developing Catchers: Flip Drills - Part One

These Flip Drills are designed to "educate" both hands. Because the non-dominant hand usually lags in development, these baseball catcher drills will often be done with the dominant had behind the back. The goal is to catch with the thumb underneath, the arm flexed, nose to the catch, and shoulders square.

Glove Side

Get under the baseball with a flat back and flexion in the elbow (infield)

Building Your Program: What it takes to win

Knowing what it takes to win is essential to winning. And you've got to determine what you need to do to beat your opponent.

Step 2 - Load Backside To Stride

Rhythm/load backside to hit. Small - Soft - Quiet stride. Knees are flexed, front knee inside ball of foot when front foot lands. Hands up (Hitting position). (hitting and swing mechanics)

Backhand drills

These drills help develop the infielders backhand catch (infield)

Developing Catchers: Flip Drills - Part Two

The Two Ball Flip Drill works both hands to the catch. The concept of the Fire Flip Drill is to keep the arm flexed even as the baseball is thrown harder and faster. Both are discussed and demonstrated in this segment.

Throwing Basics

Starting with the basic throwing position and moving to drills to help develop throwing skills (infield)

More Throwing Drills

The Bad throw drill and a Quick hands and feet drill to help round out your warm up session with an upbeat and fun drill series. (infield)

Developing Catchers: Throwing

Coach discusses the Two Line Baseball Catcher Drills here. The Two Line Drill uses hash marks to help catchers with stance and direction as they move through a throwing progression. Coach then wraps up this baseball catcher drills series with an example of the Throwing Chart. Players are ranked according to time AND accuracy.

Spread Offense

Spread Offense

Change and Involvment

Change isn't always a bad thing and it's something that can benefit any orgnization, including your team.

Soccer Practice Drill: "The Shower"

Okay. It's almost the end of soccer practice. Each player has worked on improving ball handling skills. Now it's time to challenge each other in this "last man standing" game of "Shower."

Attitude of Your Team

Attitude is 20% what happens and 80% of how you react to what happens. The attitude of your football players is vital, because they will become what they believe.

Two Ball Drill

This baseball video demonstrates the "Two Ball drill" to help develop a catcher's eye-hand coordination (Baseball Catching).

Green Defense

basketball team defensive concepts

Soccer Practice Drill: Juggling

This soccer drill is the "Three Low,One High." Again, coaches can progressively add skill challenges to this drill, allowing athletes to practice receiving the soccer ball using various parts of the body. This is a challenging, but fun soccer drill.

The Backhand

Backhands, Flat back, Glove open and out front with flexion in the elbow (infield).

Step 1 - Stance

Feet approximately shoulder width apart and parallel Good athletic position with knees flexed. Bat sits in fingers more than palm. Hand position even with back shoulder, elbows down and flexed. Head is level where you can see pitcher and release point with both eyes. Shows good rhythm. (hitting and swing mechanics)

Basketball Skills: Perimeter Moves

Playing at your own pace. (Basketball Individual Offense)


Bottom hand to the ball. Elbows remain flexed. Hand Route, hands inside the ball. Contact Point, Palm up/Palm down. Head over backside with firm front side. Back hip replaces front hip. Back knee closes to front knee in "L" position. (hitting and swing mechanics)

Flip Frame

Coach Russ McNickle talks about the Òflip frameÓ catching drill in baseball (catching).

Two Ball Drill

The ÒTwo ball drillÓ, one of the catching drills he uses to develop catchers that uses two balls and develops confidence with both hands (catching).

Planning and Performance

Your pitchers need to focus entirely on the tasks at hand, from the beginning to the very end. Put the mental parts in order and you'll be able to make more progress in your training session.

Basketball Skills: Dribble Post Moves

If the double team is coming from the weak side, it's time to dribble. Coach discusses proper dribbling techniques for the post, including how essential it is for players to be able to dribble the basketball with either hand. Repetition, repetition, repetition. (Basketball Individual Offense)

Basketball Skills: Perimeter Moves

The swim technique and opening to the piviot. (Basketball Individual Offense)

Basketball Skills: Perimeter Moves

The improtance of using both piviot feet (Basketball Individual Offense)

Audience Questions

Coach Tuberville fields questions from the audience.

Basketball Skills: Perimeter Moves

Using the inside shoulder and the rip technique (Basketball Individual Offense)

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 12 - Late Clock & High Low Plays

The clock is winding down, but your players need to keep going strong. In this video various late clock scenarios are discussed. Then, talk turns to High-Low Offense and ball screen or hand-off action.

Importance of Off-Season Training

The off season is where your boys become men. It's the time they can be pushed to do things they never thought they could do as they work to become bigger, faster, quicker and stronger.


Balance throughout swing. Finish swing with good backside pivot. Head stays down. Chin finishes on back shoulder. (hitting and swing mechanics)

Warm Up Drills Part II

Several more warm-ups used at Mississippi State University to maintain strength in catching. The warm-ups include ÒSeated Twist upsÓ, ÒLoad the truckÓ, lunges, ÒSupermanÓ, and squats (catching).

Catching Drills

Three catching drills that he uses for baseball catching maintenance: the ÒBreaking ballsÓ drill, ÒHigh-Low PitchÓ drill, and ÒBlockingÓ drill (catching).

Coaching Baseball: Pitching Skills Part Two

In this segment, pitchers learn how to reduce stress on the arm while throwing effectively. Coach focuses on the Change-up and Curveball. Again the lesson learned is the importance of proper mechanics and grip to give power to the pitch.

Infield Play: Throwing the Baseball

Throwing the baseball across the infield takes a cool head and a controlled throw. Good control begins with holding the baseball correctly. Coach demonstrates finger and thumb position on the baseball for effective infield throwing. The Short Hop Drill shown will help players perfect their throwing skills.

Team Building: Trust

Trust is about knowing the other person is going to be where they need to be when you need them to be there - whether it is a time of success or failure. Trust allows players to demonstrate their commitment to their team and their teammates. It's essential to success on and off the baseball field. Coach discusses why in this video segment.

Zone Press

Here, Hatchett explains strategies for inbounding and advancing the basketball in a zone-press situation. With the ‘one’ and ‘two’ players setting a pick before breaking short and long respectively, Hatchett gives his inbounder four options to inbound the basketball.

Switch Screen And Roll

Pros - Good to use to eliminate three point shot, can confuse offense. Cons - Leads to mismatches. Coaching Points - switch aggressively, stay down in your stance, look for chances to switch back (basketball team defensive concepts)

Belly Up And Go Under The Screen "Four Behind"

Pros - Contain the Ball, Eliminate Screen and Flare, Not many can hit the shot off of the dribble. Cons - End of game situations can get passive. Coaching Points - Do not get "rolled into" by post, do not let the guard "play" you back and forth, contest all shots. (basketball team defensive concepts)

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 13 - Trapping the Post

Trapping the Post is the focus of this video, including who, where, when, and why to Trap.

Basketball Strategy: Half-Court Offense Part 11 - Practice Organization

Organizing basketball practice to include time on each facet of the game is important. Often, shooting skills take a back seat to other aspects of the game. Coach Self offers a simple shooting drill for use during practice.

Coaching Baseball: Pitching Fundamentals Part Three

The Slider is up next in this baseball pitching series. Then it's time to incorporate lower body mechanics into this pitching clinic. Using a "white line to white line" pitching drill, Coach teaches pitchers the proper way to rotate the body for maximum power.