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Basketball Drills - Warm Up (Part II)

A few more basketball drills to get loosened up and thinking about the game! (Basketball drills and fundamentals)


Passing Game Key Points

If the passing game is a key point of the offense, and the passing game has it's own key points worth remembering.

Turning the Muscles On

Time to get those muscles turned on. These drills take athletes from stretching to action. These drills also help reduce the risk of injury. Then coach moves on to speed and running specific drills for a well-rounded warm-up.

Basketball: Passing And Receiving

1 to 1 passing where players learn how to step into a chest pass and get into triple threat position. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)


Pre Snap Reads

Before the snap is when you have time to read the defense, and here's some keys and priorities you need to instill in your quarterback as he reads a defense.

More On Hitting - Hitting Routines

Hitting is an attitude of what you and your hitters need to improve. Your hitters need to practice to get better and you've got to schedule your hitting practices for the purpose of developing hitters.

Tennis Skills: Game Strategy

Once all the shots are down, they have to be put into a specific strategy to earn the point. Here's a short ball offense that sets the player up to earn the point. The drill cuts the court into zones to help players learn to move the opponent throughout the court while working to score.

Dynamic Warm-Up

Now that the right muscles are turned on, it's time to move to the more active part of the warm-up. Coach discusses the practice progression over the first several weeks of practice using these active warm-up drills. A progression of Squats including the Cross-Over and Side Squat, Coach progresses to a full body squat for a maximum warm-up.

Bounce Pass

This video will explain the proper way to make a bounce pass and how their partner will step in to receive the ball in a good basketball position. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Working The Angles

This is a once per week drill to help your basketball players work the angles on the court.

Trap Blocks

Traps are a way of life for the defensive lineman; here is how the smart ones can beat it (DEFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

Some Plays

And now to the X's and O's! Here's a few plays that you can incorporate into your offense to help your team gain some yardage.

Coaching Soccer: International Athlete Recruitment and Systems Formation

How can international athletes get the attention of American soccer coaches? Coach shares information on an organization that can assist both international and American students find the right college match. What are "systems" and what is an effective way of choosing a system despite the challenges of a young team.

Hitting Routines - Pre At Bat Routines

More on hitting routines and getting ready to hit from the mental to being physically warmed up and ready to make that crushing swing.

Tennis Drills: The Volley

Here are some simple Volley Drills that focus on movement on the Volley and the nice, simple punch. The key is making sure you're getting the ball early and getting the ball out of the middle of the court.

The Speed Series: Part One

Time to speed things up. Coach picks up the pace to see how fast these athletes can fire and set goals for improvement. These drills are a combination of body control, speed, and strength. These aren't just drills, they help a coach assess various strengths and weakness of athletes so individual targets can be met.

Overhead Pass

These passes are great for the big guys to use as outlet passes. The fundamentals of the overhead pass and the Baseball pass are covered. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

The Flip Drill

You'll use a lot of your basketball players in this drill and the athletes who perform get rewarded with the pride of shooting the basketball.

Why The Read Defense

Why The Read Defense, Coach Smith gives his reasons for using a read defense and why using this technique can pay off for you (DEFENSIVE LINE DRILLS).

Coaching Soccer: Formation Spacing

When playing offense or defense in soccer, the formation of the players is likely the same. The difference is in the spacing. In this segment, Coach discusses the spacing changes based on ball possession.

Tennis Skills: The Serve

The Serve is the most important shot in tennis because it is the only time a player gets to put the ball in play yourself without interference. The key is rhythm and practice.

The Speed Series: Part Two

More practice drills to teach athletes how to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury. A one-step, then two-step, then finally a triple-step drill really works on speed and strength.

Basketball Shot Fakes

Body stays low, ball goes high and show the defender your elbow. Try to get defense up and out of their stance. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Loose Ball Drill

This is another once per week drill using the full court with your basketball players going 1 v 1, 2 v 2 and 4 v 4.


Coaching Soccer: Moving the Soccer Ball

The soccer ball will move faster than any human being can ever move. Knowing that, Coach discusses the strategy of angles and passing when moving the soccer ball down the field. But, don't forget the importance of the Goal Keeper during the field work!

Hitting Drills

The theory is out there, but hitting drills put the theory into practice. Here's some great drills that you can use to build your hitters in to power house bats.

Tennis Skills: The Overhead

Your Net Game is only as strong as your Overhead. The Overhead can be slightly complicated, but in this video Coach breaks it down into five steps and demonstrates the critical motions for a successful Overhead.

The Speed Series: Part Three

This video starts with a cone drill, commonly known as Lean, Fall, and Run, but with variation to more effectively focus on stopping safely when at the peek of speed. Working for linear and lateral speed, Coach throws in some starting variations for skill development.


The key to basketball. Change levels, body protects the ball, be strong and tough against the defense. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

reading blocks

The drill continues with the linemen learning to anticipate the type of block they will probably get, then read the block that occurs then react to the block to pursue the ball carrier. Again, this video series is FULL of great information and you'll want to rewind and take notes as you watch.

Coaching Soccer: Pre-game and Game Strategy

Coach gives us the blow-by-blow of his pre-game routine in this segment. From dressing "smart" to promote the game to the pre-game warm-up, the focus is on competition.

Tennis Skills: The Volley

In Tennis, the Volley is the only shot that is not a stroke. The Volley is a punch - hit the ball in the air before the bounce. Coach covers the Volley from the Grip to the Ready Position to the Follow Through.

Body Weight Circuit

The number one predictor of speed in any athlete is strength to body weight ratio. In this video, Coach works the Body Weight Circuit. The goal is to train athletes to be more dynamic and more athletic, which means managing their strength to body weight ratio. Then it's the big finish....Squat Jumps!

Basketball Drills - Dribbling

This series of basketball drills helps demonstrate the proper fundamentals of how to dribble the ball. They will learn how to keep their head up, use their whole arm and be strong with the ball (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

The Mental Side

The mentality of the game is the edge that you're all looking for and you've got to teach your team to turn their own mistakes into victories.

Coaching Soccer: Staffing the Field

Certain rules in soccer dictate some of the staffing choices a coach can make. Strategically using these rules for effective staffing is one of the skills a soccer coach has to have. Here, Coach Ray offers his strategy for staffing the field. Coach also talks about post-game debriefing and structuring practice around the "weaknesses" identified during the game.

Tennis Drills: Movement on the Court

These competitive Tennis Drills help players learn how to hit the ball while on the move. Coach uses an Open Stance Top Spin Forehand to get his player working the court. Forehand. Forehand. Inside. Out and Run it down. Cross court. Recover...and repeat!

Basketball Drills - Dribbling (Part II)

Coach LItalien uses the full court for speed dribble, change of pace dribble and the all important control dribble. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Hand Placement

Coach shows players where to place their hands when getting past blockers (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Coaching Soccer: Developing Skills at the Youth League Level

What do young players need to focus on to develop into higher level athletes? Fitness is huge. At the collegiate level, a player may run 5 to 10 miles in one game. Touch on the ball and overall awareness on the field are also essential. This segment covers the what's and why's of preparing for collegiate play.

Tennis Drills: The Recovery

In Tennis, you can't make a shot and stand to admire it, you have to Recover and prepare for the next shot. The Four Ball Drill and Passing Shot Drill work on making the hit and then recovering for the next shot.

Cross Over Dribble

The key to the crossover is the other hand. Also learn the inside out dribble, a great counter dribble move for the crossover dribble. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Hip-Power Drill

This is a football drill that will help your defensive linemen get off the line quickly with the most power (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Tennis Skills: The Backhand

The Backhand this day and age has gone to a Two-Handed Backhand, so players need to get the grip down first. Grip, Preparation, Step, Point of Contact, and Follow Through - the steps to a effective Backhand.

Basketball Drill - Line Dribbling

Put all the different dribbles together into one simple dribbling drill. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Developing Handwork

Your defensive linemen have to use their hands, and here Coach Harmon works with hand speed and how to take on a run block (DEFENSIVE LINEMEN).

Tennis Drills: The Forehand

Here are some Tennis Drills for two types of Forehands: The Eastern Forehand and the Top Spin Forehand. The first is "nice and steady through the ball." The second is jazzed up a bit - a loop back swing.