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Basketball Defensive Skills - Two

Basketball defensive drills continue with one on one to the half court and back. the feet and ball are flying in this drill.

Lane Action

Discusses what your backs need to look for when the quarterback is moving. Coach Cook covers the terminology used when the quarterback moves to different areas of the backfield (defensive back drills).

Football Plays: Beating Coverage

The defense adapts and this single football play also adapts. What should your quarterback be reading as the defense adapts.

Basketball - Cuts

Okay, may as well tell you....lots more to come on cuts. I'm not sharp enough (and you're not patient enough) to give a clever snip on each one - so just watch and learn. Please. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Basketball Defensive Skills - Three

Again with one on one, this drill is not about blocking the shot, but boxing out the shooter. Another fast paced drill. Break down with high hands ready for the drive!

More Play Options

It's amazing how one football play can be adapted to different defenses!

Soccer Skills: The Jumping Header

This advanced form of header involves jumping into an arch in the air. The soccer drill then progresses to a jumping header into a toss. Some of the challenges in dealing with younger players in teaching heading are discussed as well.

The Net Player: Goals and Strategies

Wow! So many things to think about while a ball is zooming at you! Split step. Move on the Diagonal. Got to gain the tactical position. Make the other player move in order to hit the ball. Is your head spinning faster than the ball now? Relax, Coach Swindoll covers all these strategies and demonstrates a Drill to help players read and react to the opponent's patterns.

Basketball - Cuts

Come on. Like I said, no clever snip, just keep watching. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Basketball Defensive Skills - Four

Worn out yet? Break down on the drive, then cut him off!

Growing Your Players

Teaching the right thing to your players starts early, and character education is important to having the players you need. If you need info about developing character contact Bobby Langford at or via phone at (706) 583-0539.

Soccer Skills: Headers in Game-Like Conditions

Coach now takes headers to a game-like atmosphere. Starting with a 40-yard lofting ball, this player works to nail the header. Timing and technique are crucial.

Motivation by Houston Kennedy

Passion. Determination. Education. Hard Work. Seizing Opportunities. What do they have in common?

The Net Player: Footwork and the Lob

Footwork is the secret to playing good Doubles at the net. Aggressive footwork puts pressure on the opponent. Fear of "the Lob" often puts pressure on the Net Player. Coach provides a strategy for handling the lob and a drill to back it up in this video.

Basketball - Cuts

Geez, you're stubborn. This is the last basketball "Cuts" video, so lay off (er, up?) already! (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Basketball Defensive Skills - Five

This basketball drill has players on the wings and involves passing the basketball while communicating with team mates.

Soccer Skills: Two Be Two Heading Game

After a very effective warm-up, these two soccer players engage in a drill that focuses on a quick transition between a quick toss, a quick toss, and a header, then ultimately from header to header. It's a fun drill that provides plenty of opportunities to work on technique, especially for Forwards.


Even an underdog who does not know the meaning of quit, and makes the 2nd, 3rd and 4th efforts can sometimes hit pay dirt!

Tennis Drill: The EC

The EC Drill has it all! The primary focus of this drill is to learn how to anticipate the kind of ball that the opponent will return. But, the EC also hits on Footwork at the Net, moving on the Diagonal, and general Conditioning.

Basketball Skills: One-On-One

Help your players determine their own best one-on-one moves. This video gives you three options to coaching the One-on-One move. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)


There is more value to athletics than just a few hours of glory on a field, court or mat. The lessons learned follow for life and it is important kids learn the discipline and commitment that athletic involvement teaches at an early age.

Watching the Ball: Focus and Concentration

Keep your eyes on the ball! Easy to say, but how do you really learn to do it! Coach Swindoll discusses specific ways that players can learn to watch the ball and demonstrates drills to increase players' focus and concentration.

Boxing Out

Properly "boxing out" will help you get more offensive rebounds...and points. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Football Drills: Speed Rush Part Two

The second part of this foot drill video series focuses on what the defensive lineman needs to do to get inside on the play. Whether athletes are working the kick step or using a bull rush depends on the offense...and the defensive linemans read of the situation.

2 Inside Drill

This drill helps your athletes work on on the exchange fielding the ball to throwing the ball.

Baseball: Pre-Practice Catch

Pre-practice catching is the most important 15 minutes of practice. Why? Most of your errors are simple errors of not catching a baseball.

Box Out Basketball Drills

Sound "boxing out" technique is demonstrated along with basketball drills that help build "boxing out" skills. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Soccer Drill: Being More Competitive

A great drill lends itself to being competitive while your soccer players hone their skills.

Slow Roller Drill

This drill works on a slow rolling ball that has to be thrown to the fielders left. It's a great drill that will help bring your athletes up to the level you need them to be.

Coaching Baseball: Batting Practice

Defensive batting practice is all about pressure and accountability. Outfielders verbalize and use footwork, infielders are verbalizing and throwing the baseball.

Team Defense Basketball Drill

This is a great basketball drill to start practice! It gets the kids warmed up, it's enthusiastic and, it brings the team together. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

The Athletes

Coach Elkins introduces the athletes who will help him and gives an overview of what football drills he will cover (Coaching Defensive Ends).


Each booster club needs a constitution to help all those involved to know what needs to happen, who needs to make it happen, and how.

Building a High School Tennis Team: Pre-Season Essentials

Tennis Teams don't always enjoy the same level of "recognition" within High School Athletics as other sports. To establish a respected High School Tennis Team, it's important to begin with a pre-season meeting, establishing rules, and setting the right attitude for the season. Rules can be tricky though. Coach has some advice on rule setting in this video that will help you establish realistic - and enforceable - rules.

Double Plays

Near the beginning of this video, Coach Morgan tells with great clarity exactly what every athlete’s job is on every play...then shows a drill that helps them do that job.

Coaching Baseball: Cut and Relay

The cut and relay drill involves your team and helps them build their performance. This drill brings competition to your baseball practice and is a very high energy drill...and it takes about 12 minutes.

Zig Zag Fundamentals

The ability to "zig-zag" is critical if you're going to learn to dictate the offensive player's direction - then dominate him. Here you'll learn how it's done. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Basketball Drills: Help Defense - Part Two

The next drill for Help Defense shows players how to stay in help position while closing out while moving with the action.

Football Defensive Skills: Bag Drills

Using blocking dummies, Coach Elkins demonstrates drills for quick feet, a necessary ingredient for a top notch defensive end (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Spinning To Get To The Ball

When you do get pushed away, your defensive linemen need to know how to spin to get back to the ball. This video demonstrates drills to develop that skill.


You're the coach - the constant of the team. You need to set goals so your organization can work toward them.

Building A High School Tennis Team: Pre-Season Essentials Part 2

All this work and the season hasn't even started! Building a successful Tennis Team requires commitment. Coach continues to discuss the essential steps in Pre-Season preparation. From setting criteria for the Captain of the Tennis Team to Academics and the Parent Meeting, there's lots of work to do before your Tennis Team gets to the court.

Baseball Drills: Some Unique Drills

Coach Shoop covers some infield drills that he uses that he thinks are unique and can help your baseball team get quicker.

Basketball Drills - The Zig Zag

These basketball drills help reinforce and refine fundamental "zig-zag" skills (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Basketball Drills: Help Defense - Part Three

Now Coach goes into Help Defense when your one pass away from the close out. This drill involves two defensive players on different sides of the court with the ball coming down the middle. It's helping quick and getting back to guard.

Football Defensive Skills: Directional Drills

Changing direction quickly and effectively means more tackles. Here are football drills to teach those skills (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Softball Strategy: Steals and Bunts

Stealing and bunting should be an integral part of your softball offensive strategy and here are some ideas and thoughts to make it effective (Softball Offensive Strategy).


People like to donate to school programs but expect to be able to take a tax write off...can your donors legally write off their donations? Are there places you're not looking for $$?

Tennis Practice Organization: Physical Training

A successful Tennis Practice is organized around three components: Physical Training, Drills, and Practice Matches. Physical Training is the focus here. Coach gives specifics on training techniques and timeframes for training during practice. The key? Keep it simple.

Relays and Cut-Offs

The "Rocket Relay Drill" is a great drill for camps or when you want to bring some competition to the situation. This is a great drill to liven a practice or camp.