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Tennis Practice Organization: Physical Training

A successful Tennis Practice is organized around three components: Physical Training, Drills, and Practice Matches. Physical Training is the focus here. Coach gives specifics on training techniques and timeframes for training during practice. The key? Keep it simple.

Relays and Cut-Offs

The "Rocket Relay Drill" is a great drill for camps or when you want to bring some competition to the situation. This is a great drill to liven a practice or camp.

Baseball Drills: Tee Double Play Drill

You'll have a live batted ball and live runners and you can cover every situation your baseball players will see. Coach Shoop's favorites are runners at 1st and 3rd or bases loaded.

Closing Out

Being able to "close out" the shooter is key if you're playing a team that shoots the ball well - or for good "help side" defense. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Basketball Drills: Help Defense - Part Four

This Help Defense drill demonstrates the Skip Pass close out. The help is a little different with this different angle because the close out is a little different. Communication is still a large part of the learning in this segment.

Football Defensive Skills: The Hoop Drill

In this football drill, the players use a hoop to practice skirting around the offensive blocker. (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Tennis Practice Organization: Drills

To be successful in Tennis, players have to be able to keep the ball in the court and hit directional shots. How do they master these skills? Drills! Drills "improve a player's shot making ability and consistency." Coach explains the details of incorporating drills into a team's daily practice routine and offers resources for Feeding and Live-Ball Drills.

Coaching Baseball: A Side Bar

How fast do things happen? How fast should they happen? Coach Shoop covers some times you should know. Can your baserunner steal at will or will he need a bad throw to make it to second?

Help And Recover

Everybody needs a little help now and then. Especially on the court. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Football Defensive Skills: Tackling

What the defense has to do to win is tackle... Coach Elkins shows us how it is done. (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Football Skills: Running Backs - Forward Rolls

Forward Rolls are the focus in this football segment. Coach explains the various drills he uses to teach his athletes how to roll and then sprint. From the Monkey roll to the Seat Roll to High Knees with a Punch, running back tips galore, including how to handle the football when coming out of the roll.

Softball Skills: Baserunning Part Two

Stealing and tag ups are covered in this softball strategy segment. (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Tennis Practice Organization: Drills and Practice Matches

Coach continues his discussion of practice drills demonstrating the use of targets on the court and his coaching approach to the Compact Swing. Once the drills are done, it's time to put those skills into action! Practice Matches wind up this Tennis Practice. Tie Breakers. Doubles. Challenge Matches. The real challenge is to make each and every Tennis Practice meaningful. These tips will help you do just that!

Baseball Drills: Controlling the running game

This drill helps develop techniques for the runners and for the defense. You'll have pitchers on the mound throwing located pitches and picks.

Practice Thoughts

Have paper and pencil handy when you watch this video. It's full of stuff you're going to want to remember. What? You don't have to write things down to remember them? Just wait. (Basketball drills and fundamentals)

Football Defensive Skills: Fumble Recovery Part One

No one wants to fumble, but it's gonna happen sometimes. A good defensive player wants it to happen...if he has good recovery skills, that is. (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Football Skills: Running Backs - Fumble Recovery

There is an art to recovering the fumble, and some good running back tips teaching players to "slide around the football." Curl up, squeeze the football, and STAY THERE until the whistle is blown! This segment includes Ball Security Circuits that are used during practice routines. It's high intensity and great for conditioning your athletes. Techniques for general ball carrying are also discussed.

Softball Skills: Baserunning Part Three

More on leads and how to use them, when to leave the base and more things to tuck into your game plan. (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Avoiding Heat Related Illness

Every year somewhere in the United States there is a heat related death on an athletic field. Learn what you can do to prevent Heat Related Illness. Know how to monitor players and teammates for signs of trouble. What kinds of liquids are best for athletes to drink? What are the best ways to cool down an athlete showing signs of Heat Related Illness? What difference does the heat index make when scheduling practice? For the safety of your athletes, this is a video you need to see.

Outfield Play

What is the outfield? Coach Morgan relates the outfield positions to a football field then gives advice to build kids that don't play in the grass.

Basketball - Cuts

You didn't think there would be just that little bit did you? Here's more on Cuts. (basketball drills and fundamentals)

Footwork To Closeout

Working on footwork to keep yourself in great defensive position ready to move any direction you need to move.

Football Defensive Skills: Fumble Recovery Part Two

Part 2 shows drills and methods to get the fumble for your side. (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Softball Strategy: Tag-Ups

When should a runner tag-up? What to do after a tag up? What is the job of the athlete and the coach? (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Emergency Preparedness

Do you think you're ready in the event of a medical crisis on the field? For the safety of your athletes, an emergency plan should not be an after-thought. When an emergency happens, a quick response can mean the difference between a good outcome or a tragic one. But having an emergency plan is not enough, it has to be communicated to everyone involved with the team - BEFORE there's an emergency. Steve Bropst gives a brief rundown of things that each person on a field should know.

Catching the Baseball

How do you tell your outfielders to catch a baseball? This video tells how the outfielders at Indiana do it.

Blocking Out

This drill works on closing out then blocking out so your defender can stop the shot and get the rebounds.

Football Defensive Skills: The Defensive End Stance

This segment covers the defensive end stance and alignment, for both ends of the line. (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Runningback Skills: Dipping and Ripping

Running back tips about taking blows from a defender and how he falls when he's tackled translate into extra yardage for your football team.

Softball Strategy: Squeezes and Then Some

The runner gets to third. She needs to score. Coach Miller discusses how to improve your chances of getting the runner across the plate (Softball Offensive Strategy).

Nutritional Supplements and Steroids

Nutritional Supplements and Steroid use are becoming more prevalent even in athletes at the middle school level. Are nutritional supplements ever safe? What do you do if you think one of your athletes is using steroids? Learn some basics in this video so the kids you coach stay healthy....and alive!

Coaching Tennis: The Drill

You know the drill: repetition, repetition, repetition. Coach gives us the basics of tennis drills during practice and shares a drill that focuses on shot depth and net clearance. With any drill the keys are focus and intensity. So focus intensely on this video.

Throwing The Ball

They've caught the ball, now it has to get in to make a play. Here's some tips to get the ball where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Football Defensive Skills: The Read Drill

Techniques for reading the different blocks that a defensive end may see. (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Running Back Skills: Blocking

Getting your running back to block takes work. They want to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball...but to be a great running back, you must be able to block. Here's some running back tips you can use to develop running backs that block.

National Center for Sports Safety

Safety is a critical issue and NCSS is the premiere organization designed to raise the level of safety in sports. This video is a quick overview of how NCSS can help in your program. For more information, contact Coach Woods directly at 1-866-508-NCSS.

Coaching Tennis: Tips for the High School Tennis Coach 1

How do you turn a bunch of eager tennis players into a team? Here are some practical strategies a coach can use to build a tennis team that performs well and provides a positive sporting experience for players.

Fielding The Ball

How do you field a ball skipping along the grass in the outfield? It depends and here are the variables you need to know.

Avoiding Injury

Making players better athletes and avoiding injury. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Football Defensive Skills: The Drive Block

This drill shows how to identify the drive block then beat it (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Different Offensive Systems

If you run different offensive systems at the same time you know the difficulties you encounter when you try to mix them up. Here's some running back tips his team has used to be able to mix different systems at the same time.

Coaching Tennis: Tips for the High School Tennis Coach 2

Thought you could build a tennis team in one easy video? Not! Here are some useful and humorous suggestions for coaching during the change-over, handling try-outs, and budgeting. (Okay, so the budgeting part isn't humorous, but money is no laughing matter.)

Same Sideness

Grammar freaks are probably laughing at this title, but baseball strategists will be amazed at what those two words together will do.

Player Conditioning

Conditioning players through aerobic and anaerobic training. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Movement Drills

Moving down the court, dribbling, pivoting and guarding against a simulated defender.

Football Defensive Skills: Spill Technique

Shows how to beat the blocker using a spill technique (Coaching Defensive Ends).

Coaching Tennis: Practice Drills

Feeding? Garbage Cans? The Rope Zone? Confused? Don't be! Coach will explain it. Learn how to feed balls properly during practice drills and pick up some specific drills you can use with your tennis team. Like the Double Ball Feed Drill. This drill focuses on the forehand and can include up to 6 players. Target Drills and the Rope Zone are two more drills you can use to improve your team's performance.

How To

Just because a speaker is inside doesn't mean he can't throw a ball and run. Coach Morgan demonstrates some how to stuff here.

Important Factors

Chris Boyko talks about the important factors for strength training:  focusing on strength, core strength, maintaining explosiveness, and balance. (basketball strength and conditioning)

Football Defensive Skills: The Swim Technique Part Two

Can't spill? Then swim! More on how to get to the ball (Coaching Defensive Ends).